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How Do I Choose the Best Modern Hijab?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

When choosing a modern hijab, you should consider the community or culture in which you live or will be visiting, your own personal preferences in clothing colors and styles, as well as the affordability of the garments that interest you. If you are choosing a modern hijab because of your participation in specific activities, such as sports, you will also want to take the functionality of your garments into consideration. The term “modern hijab” can refer to modern-style headscarves as well as contemporary variations on typical garments worn by women in Islamic cultures. In many cases, it is possible to develop a personal style that remains faithful to Muslim ideals while also incorporating stylish clothing that is not specifically manufactured for the Islamic market.

In some Muslim cultures and communities, women are expected to wear traditional garments, and dressing in a modern way, even if the head and body are covered modestly, is frowned upon. If you plan to live in or visit one of these communities, you may wish to reconsider dressing in modern hijab in order to avoid conflicts and the appearance of being disrespectful. On the other hand, many Muslim countries are very open to more modern styles of dress. In addition, Muslim women who live in non-Muslim countries often enjoy wearing clothing that follows current fashions while also providing significant coverage of their bodies.

Modern hijab may refer to headscarves worn by women in Islamic cultures.
Modern hijab may refer to headscarves worn by women in Islamic cultures.

Several Islamic clothing suppliers now sell headscarves and other items, such as jilbabs, type of covering for the whole body, that are designed for modern tastes. You should certainly select garments that you believe are flattering and that are comfortable for you to wear. Some sellers of modern hijabs are experimenting with new, lighter fabrics that you may find to be quite comfortable. When possible, always try on any garment before you buy it to ensure that it fits you well and provides appropriate coverage.

It is possible in some cases to select garments that do not distinguish you as wearing a hijab but that are nonetheless quite modest. For example, some maxi dresses may be quite suitable for wearing on the street, provided that you can cover your back and arms with a sweater or jacket. Long tunics may also be worn over long, wide-legged trousers. These outfits can be paired with a brightly colored or patterned headscarf for a stunning modern hijab look.

Muslim women who participate in sports or who enjoy exercise are sometimes faced with unique challenges. Some companies now sell tightly fitted headscarves that are designed for wear during exercise, athletics, and swimming. Other exercise clothing also exists, cut from standard athletic-wear fabrics and designed to allow freedom of movement while keeping wearers appropriately covered. If you are committed to physical fitness, this type of modern hijab is definitely worth looking into.

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    • Modern hijab may refer to headscarves worn by women in Islamic cultures.
      By: Claus Mikosch
      Modern hijab may refer to headscarves worn by women in Islamic cultures.