How do I Choose the Best Modern Ceiling Fan?

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Choosing the best modern ceiling fan can be a tricky thing to do. There are many different types, styles and brands of ceiling fans from which to choose. In order to choose the best modern ceiling fan, some things to consider are where the fan will be located, how much air-moving power it needs to have and whether you want it to have a light fixture built into it.

First and foremost, you have to decide where you are going to be putting this fan. The primary consideration is whether it will be indoors or in a room that might be exposed to the weather, such as a patio or garage. The particular room in which the fan will go also can affect your decision. For example, a modern ceiling fan for a formal dining room likely will need to be more elegant than one installed in a room used for recreational activities.

Modern ceiling fans can be built for either indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor fans are built specifically to be able to survive the extra moisture that outdoor use will bring, and they generally will have a sealed-off motor. Also, outdoor ceiling fan blades typically are made of a special type of plastic that is resistant to moisture. Any blades made of wood or substandard plastic can warp or droop when exposed to the elements, which can make the ceiling fan ineffective or inoperable.

For indoor modern ceiling fans, most people prefer a bit more elegance than they prefer for outdoor fans. Blades for indoor ceiling fans can be made of wood or other materials, because indoor fans typically aren't exposed to moisture. Also, the motor does not have to be sealed off with a rubber gasket.

Some modern ceiling fans are suited for use indoors or outdoors. These fans won't do well in extremely moist environments when placed outdoors but, generally, they are safe for outdoor use. These fans are good for people who want a durable type of indoor fan or just want a fan for a mild climate.

Once you've decided what type of modern ceiling fan you need, you should think about whether you want an industrial type or a home type of fan. Home fans are generally less powerful but look much nicer. Industrial fans are often made entirely of metal, are more durable and have faster speeds than home fans. If you're looking for a fan for your gym, want a fan for your garage or just like the modern industrial look, one of these might be a good choice. The average household, however, will prefer the normal type of fan.

Now that you've decided where and what you're going to be using your fan for, the final thing to consider is whether your modern ceiling fan should have a light fixture. If so, you'll need to decide how much light it needs to provide. If this fan will be the only light source in the room, then you'll need to consider a fan with an adequate light fixture.

There's also the option of buying a modern ceiling fan, installing it and then adding a light fixture to it. Most home improvement stores sell light kits that will fit on almost any fan. These light kits can also be good for people who like a custom feel to their fan.

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    • Woman posing
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