How Do I Choose the Best Mobile Dialer?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth
Many modern phones allow a user to dial using their voice.
Many modern phones allow a user to dial using their voice.

Whether you are choosing a mobile dialer to use on your own phone or are a phone manufacturer, there are several important factors to look at before choosing a mobile dialer program. If you are a manufacturer, getting a mobile dialer with branding capabilities may be a good idea. Most mobile dialers are set up to work with a specific operating system (OS) and choosing the right OS should ensure the program and phone integrate. This program works via the Internet with voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), so there usually will need to be a certain level of connectivity. Some countries and regions legally ban the use of VoIP, and this should be considered before using a dialer.

Branding capabilities with a mobile dialer often are important for manufacturers, but not so much for individual users. If you choose a dialer with branding features, you commonly are able to add your logo and other branding information in the dialer program. This usually does not take up much memory and often is an inexpensive feature that can be useful for phone manufacturers working on improving brand awareness.

The majority of mobile dialer programs are made on a certain OS framework that makes the dialer work with a specific type of phone line. For example, if you are running one OS and the dialer uses another, then the two commonly will not integrate. To ensure the phone and dialer can work with one another, you should try to get a dialer that uses your phone’s OS.

VoIP programs typically work via the Internet and, because a mobile dialer uses VoIP, you normally will need some sort of data connectivity. This commonly is not a problem, because most mobile phones are equipped with Internet abilities, but each dialer will have a minimum connectivity. Lower connectivity levels are easier to work with, especially if your phone does not have very powerful connectivity, but higher levels typically have better reception.

A number of countries and regions do not legally allow citizens to use VoIP. While a mobile dialer typically can work around filters that block VoIP transmissions, you still can get in trouble if you are caught using it, which can result in jail time or fines. For this reason, it commonly is a good idea to check the legal status of VoIP usage in your specific area before using a dialer.

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    • Many modern phones allow a user to dial using their voice.
      By: Tarikh Jumeer
      Many modern phones allow a user to dial using their voice.