How do I Choose the Best Mirrored Sconces? (with picture)

Miranda Reed
Miranda Reed
Votive candles might be placed in sconces to improve a room's ambiance.
Votive candles might be placed in sconces to improve a room's ambiance.

Mirrored sconces can add an elegant touch to almost any decor, but finding the sconce style that best fits a particular room without breaking the budget may be more of a challenge. The process is made easier by keeping some basic points in mind prior to making the final selection. A buyer should be aware of what kind of lighting will be created, what kind of lighting he or she hopes to achieve, and what kind of installation method he or she hopes to use, among other considerations.

A person should keep in mind that mirror accents can help add depth to a room, but mirrors behind wall sconces will also add light. Cut glass candle holders enhance the light, while colored glass candle holders will lessen the light. Colored glass in front of the mirrors will be amplified, so it's vital to consider the color. Changing the color of the candles in a clear glass candle holder is an inexpensive decorating option.

A mirrored candle sconce with interchangeable candle fixtures will make it a simple and inexpensive matter to change the ambiance of a room. Multiple mirrored sconces will increase the effect. In some cases, though, more is truly less and too many of these fixtures can be overkill, creating a harsh light that isn't desirable.

It's also important to consider the purpose for the wall sconces. Do these wall light fixtures need to provide lighting for the room or merely ambiance? Mirrored sconces with candles can provide light but are probably not the best option as a major light source. An electric sconce may be the better option if there's a real need for light.

Next, a person should consider installation. A candle sconce will mount directly on the wall, usually with only a small tack. Candle sconces can also be changed at a whim.

An electric fixture will require a more intensive installation process. Depending on where you live, there may be codes requiring that a licensed electrician perform the work. If a wall light fixture already exists in that spot, the installation process will be easier. Be sure to follow safety procedures before attempting to install electric sconces without a professional.

After the decisions regarding type and purpose are determined, all that's left is to decide on style. Solid mirrored sconces are typically an elegant option, but the framing is also vital. Frames are as varied as the customer and add an important decorative touch to the room. For a rustic look, wood may be the best choice, but mirrored sconces also come in brass, chrome and crystal. Choose a sconce with no frame at all for a cleaner line.

The person shopping for mirrored sconces should keep an open mind but remember that what appeals in the store may not be the best choice for the room. A second opinion never hurts. If there's not a friend to go along, take some photos of the room so a sales clerk can offer informed advice.

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    • Votive candles might be placed in sconces to improve a room's ambiance.
      Votive candles might be placed in sconces to improve a room's ambiance.