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How Do I Choose the Best Mini Bluetooth® Headset?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

A mini Bluetooth® headset is the norm for many business people who constantly talk on the phone and those who just dislike holding a phone to their ear. When it comes to choosing the best mini Bluetooth® headset, the first and biggest consideration is battery life, especially for people who are on the phone all day. The headset’s comfort also comes into play, because these headsets are often used specifically because they are more comfortable than holding a phone. Sound quality is needed to hear the person calling, and dismal sound quality can leave each participant asking what the other one just said. Pairing a Bluetooth® headset to a phone also should only take a few seconds, so users can start talking.

Mini Bluetooth® headset devices are used wirelessly, so they are not constantly being charged the way other headset units are. This means the Bluetooth® headset has a limited battery life. On the lower end, some units only last about 90 minutes before needing to be recharged, which can be bad for people who have long conversations or are on the phone all day with associates. Long battery life will be a necessity for most headset users.

A mini Bluetooth® headset.
A mini Bluetooth® headset.

When someone uses a mini Bluetooth® headset, it is often because the headset is more comfortable than holding a phone for an extended amount of time and because it leaves both hands free. While the hands will remain free no matter what, some headsets may offer questionable comfort; this can lead users to take the headset off and just hold the phone. The best Bluetooth® headset should be comfortable enough to be worn throughout a conversation without causing irritation.

The sound quality of a mini Bluetooth® headset will be the difference between a clear conversation and both people asking what the other just said. To keep from asking this question and to ensure that both participants clearly understand what the other is saying, high sound quality is essential. This is especially true for business people, because a misunderstood conversation — or several of them — can damage a business.

Before a mini Bluetooth® headset works with a mobile phone, it needs to go through a pairing process. This matches up the phone and the headset, so they work together. A mini headset that takes several minutes to pair with a phone will be inefficient. Users should look for devices that only need a few seconds to pair up.

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    • A mini Bluetooth® headset.
      By: DaveC
      A mini Bluetooth® headset.