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How do I Choose the Best Methods of Rattan Storage?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The best methods of rattan storage will vary depending on what you need to store in which room. Rattan is a decorative natural material, so it does tend to look attractive in every room in the home; simply pick the neatest look that will best suit your storage purpose. Ideal rattan storage pieces for the home include baskets, ottomans, coffee tables and drawer units.

If you need to store many miscellaneous small items to keep clutter down in your home, any unused corner can be turned into an attractive storage area with a self-standing rattan drawer unit. Typically, rattan drawer units are fairly tall with at least three or four drawers inside a metal or wood frame. These are more compact than a regular wooden chest of drawers, so they tend to work extremely well in small living spaces. Wood frames on rattan storage drawer units are usually straight, while the metal versions may be curved and give the drawers elegant "legs." Choose a light or dark rattan that blends in the best with your other furniture.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

If your living or family room suits the rustic look of rattan, a coffee table with storage drawers can be a good option. A rattan storage coffee table can keep some clutter stored away while also providing a safer, child-friendly option to glass-topped tables. Most rattan coffee tables are also sturdy and stand up well to daily use. When the table does become a little worn, it often can be used outdoors on a covered porch.

Ottoman rattan storage pieces typically look like a large round or square box on short furniture legs. These can serve triple duty in a living or family room. Not only can they provide extra seating, rattan ottomans with hinged storage may also be used for tables. Inside, they tend to work well for keeping messy craft projects out of sight.

Choosing the best rattan basket for storage in each room usually just means assessing the item's size and shape. Also, deciding whether grouped or single storage will be more efficient and attractive is a good idea. Single rattan storage baskets include the nesting type. These graduating sizes of dish-like rattan baskets in oval, square or round shapes can be used around the home to hold many different things from candy and nuts to guest soaps and paper clips. When not in use, the basket set can be stored neatly with the smaller pieces placed inside the larger ones.

An efficient and attractive group display of rattan baskets often includes bin-shaped, high-sided square pieces placed in rows on a bookcase. As the contents are hidden inside and only rows of rattan storage baskets show from a distance, this system can bring an orderly look to any room. If instead, you're choosing shallow rattan baskets for storage, remember that the contents will likely show from the top and this may affect overall neatness.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip