How Do I Choose the Best Metal Dresser?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Choosing the best metal dresser is often a matter of deciding how large a unit you need, how much space you have available for the dresser, and how much you have to spend on a dresser unit. You will need to consider the type of metal used to construct the metal dresser as well: aluminum and steel are the most common materials, though other metals can be used. The type of metal used to build the dresser will have an impact on the unit's strength, durability, resistance to water damage, and overall aesthetic appeal.

You may want to choose a metal dresser that is obviously made of metal, or you may prefer one that mimics the look of a wood dresser. This choice is entirely up to you, though remember that the more effort a manufacturer has to put into making the dresser attractive, the more expensive it will be. Making a metal dresser appear like wood may mean extra manufacturing time, thereby driving up the cost. A metal dresser that looks like metal will usually require less manufacturing and can possibly keep the price of the unit down, though the type of metal used will probably have a bigger effect on the cost of the unit.

Decide if you want a rough, raw aesthetic, or a more finished, polished look. The raw look will mean welds will show at joints, and the metal may feature imperfections that give the unit character. A more polished look means the metal will be shiny, textured, or otherwise finished to create a clean and attractive aesthetic. Again, this is entirely up to your preferences and budget. Look at the many options available online or at the store to narrow down your search.

The size and shape of the unit will depend on how much space you have in a bedroom or other room for the unit. In some rooms, a more vertically-oriented metal dresser will be more appropriate, while in other cases, a wider, shorter dresser will take advantage of the available space. Measure the space carefully and be sure to consider the available space to accommodate the dresser when the drawers are open as well as closed. If you intend to purchase more than one dresser, consider purchasing a dresser set; this will ensure the pieces of furniture match, and the overall cost of the units will usually be lower when purchased together.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book