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How do I Choose the Best Massaging Shower Heads?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

To choose the best massaging shower heads, do comparative shopping to learn about your various options and the prices of shower head models. There are many models with various features, not all of which you may find necessary. If you are considering a full bathroom remodel project or shower upgrade, you might want to visit a home improvement store for advice and tips.

If you're uncertain about installation, you might want to shop at a specialty store that sells bathroom fixtures. A home improvement store might be another option, because you will have access to sales personnel who can answer questions. If you look for massaging shower heads online, you may find a more extensive selection, but you won't be able to question a sales representative. Some online stores do, however, offer a page of frequently asked questions (FAQ), or a live chat option with which you can talk with a professional.

A massaging shower head.
A massaging shower head.

After you've decided where to shop for massaging shower heads, consider options for materials that are used. You likely will be able to choose between updated brass construction, or basic steel and metal components. Consider whether you want a single shower head or a double-shower massaging head.

The number of jets your shower head employs will influence the feel of your massage. Six jets is typically sufficient to provide adequate force and flow of water, although more elaborate types utilize many more. Also, you must decide whether you'd prefer the luxury of a full body massage. Look for massaging shower heads that adjust easily.

If you are concerned with water conservation, there are eco-friendly shower head options. Some shower heads offer a low-flow feature. You also need to decide whether you'd prefer a hand-held model or one that is fixed with a stationary mount.

Also, consider the bathroom in which you plan on installing your new shower head. There are some types made specifically for children's bathrooms. Look for models with a hose attachment that will not become knotted or tangled by small hands.

It is important to choose a model that is easy to install. Most massaging shower heads can be installed in a few simple steps, with no tools required. Check the packaging or ask a sales representative.

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    • A massaging shower head.
      By: Serghei Velusceac
      A massaging shower head.
    • Most massaging shower heads have at least six jets that regulate the force and flow of water.
      By: Ariwasabi
      Most massaging shower heads have at least six jets that regulate the force and flow of water.