How do I Choose the Best Massage Table Covers?

M. Walker
M. Walker
Some retailers may provide fabric samples to help with decision making.
Some retailers may provide fabric samples to help with decision making.

Massage table covers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, and vary greatly in cost as well. After each massage, the table covers and linens should be removed and washed, so it is best to choose easily washable materials for everyday use. When considering what types of massage table covers are best for your massage practice, it is important to keep in mind the massage equipment you will be using, your peak season of business, your massage supplies and oils, and any potential allergies or health conditions your clients might have. In general, it is best to keep a range of massage table covers that can be adjusted to each setting and client experience.

Depending on the type of massage equipment you will be using, different massage table covers might be necessary. You will need table covers that both fit the size of your massage table or massage bed and fit underneath your linens or massage table sheets. There are many adjustable covers that are designed to fit more than one massage table, so these might be a useful choice if you use a range of table sizes. If you commonly use bolsters, face pillows, or wedge pillows, you will need to find covers for these as well.

The season of your massage business as well as your location will be important considerations in choosing massage table covers. In general, wool, flannel, and fleece table covers are best for the colder months, as they provide extra insulation and warmth for the clients. There are also heated massage pads that use electric heating coils spread throughout the material to create warmth. Summer months require a more cooling fabric, so cotton is a common choice for absorbing moisture and channeling heat away.

If you tend to use a generous amount of massage oils that are messy, choosing absorbent massage table sheets and covers will be beneficial. The color of your table covers, in addition to their stain resisting capabilities, will be important considerations. You will want your massage table covers to be able to absorb all of the oils, wash easily, and both prevent and conceal oil stains effectively.

Lastly, you should consider your clients’ massage experiences when looking for proper massage table covers. For clients with back pain, fibromyalgia, or arthritis, thicker and more padded covers will help them stay comfortable throughout the massage. Clients who are allergic to wool would benefit from the flannel table covers in winter, while those whose skin is easily irritated might benefit from cotton or bamboo linens. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in a wide sampling of fabrics to avoid discomfort in clients.

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    • Some retailers may provide fabric samples to help with decision making.
      Some retailers may provide fabric samples to help with decision making.