How do I Choose the Best Massage Slippers?

L. Dunne

Massage slippers come in a variety of styles and even offer different forms of relaxation. When choosing massage slippers you will need to determine exactly what you are looking for in the slippers. Some slippers provide actual vibration, while others just provide heat and relaxing aromatherapy or pressure in specific areas. Similarly, you will need to determine if the slippers are meant for on-the-go or stationary use.

Woman reaching upward
Woman reaching upward

One form of massage slipper produces vibration in the soles of the slippers. These slippers tend to come with a hard bottom and can be used on-the-go, although there are some styles available without the hard bottom. The slippers can be used with or without the vibration turned on, as they come equipped with an on/off button. They are generally battery powered and are made to look very similar to most other indoor/outdoor slippers, though they can be found in a booty style, as well. While they are available in multiple colors, most companies have made these vibrating slippers in one-size-fits-all form.

A second kind of massage slipper is not an actual slipper but, rather, a slipper-like pillow. The slippers are built on top of a pillow that has vibration and mechanical massage capabilities. These slippers are not meant for walking or any type of movement, as they are not removable from the pillow base. The base is usually battery powered, but some forms may have a cord. This could also be considered a foot massager, rather than slippers. These are usually the most expensive type of massage slipper.

There are two types of massage slippers with acu-pressure. Some have pressure points meant to massage and improve circulation. These generally have small bumps throughout the sole or inside of the slipper. The other type, is designed to eliminate pressure points that can cause pain and generally uses memory foam. This type of slipper will not necessarily massage the feet unless you are moving, as they do not provide any mechanical massaging or vibration.

Some slippers are called massage slippers but do not actually have any massaging capacity. These slippers are heated or include aromatherapy meant for relaxation, sometimes both. They tend to be the least expensive of all the massaging slippers.

If price is the most important factor for you, massage slippers are available in a wide range of prices. There are even some add-ons which can be purchased to place inside non-massaging slippers. These massaging extras can usually be found for less than a massaging slipper set.

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