How Do I Choose the Best Luggage Delivery Service?

Tiffany Manley

Many people choose to use luggage delivery services in an effort to have better control over their luggage while traveling. A luggage delivery service allows you to ship your luggage before departing for travel and have it arrive at your hotel or other designated location prior to your arrival. This eliminates the need for baggage services at airports and possibly allows for a smoother and quicker transition to your travel destination. When looking for a luggage delivery service, look for companies that offer an array of services, offer the ability to track your luggage, allow you to ship as far in advance as possible to ensure lower shipping rates and have prices that fit within your budget.

By forwarding luggage, a traveler can decrease the amount of time he spends in the airport as well as the cost of checking his baggage.
By forwarding luggage, a traveler can decrease the amount of time he spends in the airport as well as the cost of checking his baggage.

One of the first things to consider when using a luggage delivery service is whether the company offers services that you find beneficial. You might choose a company that offers weekend pickup, multiple pickup locations or a great insurance plan. No matter the services, look for a delivery service that offers most, if not all, of what you would like to see in a luggage service. In addition, look for a company that delivers great customer service.

Luggage tags can help airlines return lost bags.
Luggage tags can help airlines return lost bags.

An important aspect of luggage delivery services is the ability to track your shipment. It is highly advisable that you use a company that offers tracking services to its customers. Not only does this allow you to see where your shipment is, it also means that you have tracking information to reference if a problem arises.

Some luggage delivery companies allow you to ship bags as much as seven days ahead of time, but others allow this service only for five days or less in advance. The closer you are to your necessary shipping date, the more expensive your luggage delivery will be. Choose a company that allows you to ship as far in advance as possible, because the rates can be lower.

The cost to ship luggage using a luggage delivery service varies widely from company to company. To an extent, prices are determined by things such as options and services. Be sure to weigh the cost versus benefit of each company and use one that has a price that you are willing to pay and offers services that you desire. Although you might not want to pay a lot of money for this service, you might also keep in mind that this service is designed to eliminate the headaches associated with luggage while traveling, so receiving good service is important.

A confirmation of delivery is often used by luggage services.
A confirmation of delivery is often used by luggage services.

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Hello, I have been living and studying in the London since 2008 and have come to the end of my studies and I am now embarking on my journey back home. I called my airline to book extra bag space for my luggage and was told I would have to pay 35.00gbp per kilo. I advised the airline it was not possible to for me to pay such amount of money to take my personal items.

The airline call center person recommended that I contact the “Excess Luggage Company”. I chose to send my personal baggage unaccompanied with this place. I would highly recommend this company for customer service level and baggage shipping.


@Kat919 - I'm with you; I almost never check a bag, either. If I do, it's packed with bulky items that I could easily replace at my destination if I had to. And with most airlines charging for a checked bag now, it's a real cost savings.

Whether you are shipping your luggage or you check a bag, there are no guarantees. Human beings are involved, and they can make mistakes. Or you could get caught in bad weather and have to spend the night at an airport hotel in your connecting city.

So I follow the advice I learned from my mother, who travelled a great deal as a child and learned it from her mother: Always pack clean underwear and a toothbrush in your carry-on bag!


I will never, *ever* check baggage on a plane again. I try to avoid checking a bag at all, but luggage shipping sounds like a great alternative if carrying on all your baggage isn't an option - if you're traveling with small children, for instance, or if you're traveling for work and have a lot of presentation supplies or whatnot to bring with you.

It's not just that the airport could lose your luggage by carelessly putting it on the wrong plane or something like that. What if your first flight is delayed and you have to dash to make your connecting flight? What do you think are the odds that your luggage will make that connection?

Or what if your connecting flight is delayed and you squeeze onto an earlier one at the last minute? Again, your bags might not make it. Having your luggage shipped avoids those complication because the luggage is not traveling on the same planes that you are.

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