How do I Choose the Best Liquid Trace Minerals?

Vanessa Harvey

You can choose the best liquid trace minerals by keeping in mind the need for maximum mineral absorption, which helps to prevent the many side effects of taking nutritional supplements. It also is always preferable to ingest liquid trace minerals in the most natural form possible — juiced foods. Educating yourself about the different forms in which these nutritional supplements come will prove very helpful when you are thoroughly reading labels. For example, some colloidal trace minerals are polluted with aluminum as well as other heavy metals. Check the labels to see whether the manufacturer clearly states that its product is free of aluminum and heavy metals.

Alfalfa is a very rich all-natural source of trace minerals, and can be mixed with many juices.
Alfalfa is a very rich all-natural source of trace minerals, and can be mixed with many juices.

There are various forms of liquid trace minerals because there is disagreement regarding what increases assimilation of these nutritional supplements. Some nutritionists and researchers believe that ionic minerals greatly enhance metabolization. Ionic minerals carry a negative or positive charge, which makes them unstable. It is believed that they they are able to more readily bond to water, allowing them to easily pass into the cells of the body as they "ride" on the water. They are also thought to help create an ideal equilibrium that is dynamic and in which the body can supply the nutrients to the exact tissues that need them the most.

Some people dispute whether ionic trace minerals offer any advantage over any other form of the nutrients. Others, however, have provided their personal testimonies of how such nutritional supplements improved their health. You should take the time to read or listen to various opinions before making your decision.

When choosing 100 percent natural sources of liquid trace minerals, you will have to select foods high in these nutrients and turn them into juice yourself using a juicer. It is important that the juicer turns the entire food into juice rather than simply extracting juice from it. This is true no matter whether the food is a fruit, vegetable or herb.

Choosing the best liquid trace minerals does not have to strictly refer to selecting among commercially manufactured nutritional supplements. Whenever you choose the foods that are high in trace minerals and turn them into juice or a liquid, you essentially have made your own liquid trace minerals in perfect proportions. Although this might not be the most convenient method, it generally is considered one of the best decisions when considering safety. Alfalfa and green leafy vegetables are very rich all-natural sources of a variety of trace minerals and can be juiced and mixed with the juice of carrots or apples to dilute the juice's potency and improve its flavor.

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