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How Do I Choose the Best Liquid Soap?

Eugene P.
Eugene P.

Different liquid soaps are intended for use in different situations. Antibacterial liquid soap can be used in the kitchen, office or bathroom. Soap that has small rough particles in it is meant to help the complexion. Scented liquid soap can be meant to provide a soothing sensation when used. Whatever the need, there is probably a certain liquid soap that is best for the job.

Some liquid soap is designed to be very good for cosmetic uses. This includes soap that has a rough, grainy texture intended to exfoliate the skin. Other cosmetic soaps, such as those made with shea butter, are meant to help tighten the skin. Cosmetic liquid soaps can either be labeled for use on a specific part of the body, such as the hands or face, or can be for general-purpose use.

A woman using liquid soap.
A woman using liquid soap.

Other liquid soap is made to be more functional than anything else. Antibacterial soap can help to remove germs from the hands quickly. Soaps that foam can contain strong cleaners so they are able to remove dirt and oily grime. Powerful hand soaps can be rough on the skin but can get hands very clean.

Herbal liquid soap can be formulated to provide a soothing scent when used. They also can be made so some of the herbs they contain have beneficial properties for the skin. Herbal soaps usually boast the use of only natural ingredients.

Antibacterial soap can often be found in liquid form.
Antibacterial soap can often be found in liquid form.

Many people feel the best soaps for a household, especially one with children, are soaps that are environmentally friendly. This type of liquid soap uses renewable ingredients. The packaging is often recycled, too. Environmentally friendly soaps can be safer for children and pets than soaps with harsh chemicals, although most liquid soaps are non-toxic.

All-natural liquid soaps are popular for people who have allergies or are concerned about the effects of chemicals on the skin. These kinds of soaps contain ingredients such as olive oil to moisturize the skin. They also can use substances such as lemon to clean and disinfect the hands. All-natural soaps are an excellent choice for those who have problems with the scents of normal soaps.

One advantage to using liquid soap is the fact that it can be poured into a soap dispenser. The soap dispenser can be coordinated with the look of the rest of the room in which it's used so it does not stand out. It also can be less expensive to purchase the soap in bulk and refill just the dispenser than to buy a new container each time. Some soap, such as certain foaming varieties and some herbal types, do not perform well in a soap dispenser. If using a soap dispenser, be certain that the soap is able to work with the pump intended.

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I like to have liquid soap dispensers in the bathroom and kitchen, but I find that the kind with grainy additives are better in the bathroom. I prefer to use citrus-scented liquid hand soap in the kitchen. It helps to mask odors from food preparation better than the exfoliating brands.

If I've been working with greasy motor parts or digging in the garden, however, I would rather use the industrial brand of liquid hand cleaner. Ordinary liquid soap just doesn't seem to cut through the grease and grime as well as the waterless hand cleaners mechanics keep in their work areas.


I used to look for an antibacterial liquid soap for my bathroom sink, but lately I've been hearing stories about the hazards of antibacterial soap products. They might do more harm than good by killing off good bacteria along with the bad. I now use a natural liquid soap that doesn't contain added chemicals.

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    • A woman using liquid soap.
      By: Vladimir Voronin
      A woman using liquid soap.
    • Antibacterial soap can often be found in liquid form.
      By: picsfive
      Antibacterial soap can often be found in liquid form.