How Do I Choose the Best Lip Crayon?

Angela Johnson

Lip crayons can be a great way to enjoy applying makeup that can outline their shape and fill in color with the same tool. When choosing the best lip crayon, it is important to consider its color, the quality of the product, and the size of the lipstick. Price and availability, or the convenience of nearby stores that stock the lip crayon, are important too. Lip cosmetics can be a great addition to a makeup bag, and it is important that you choose the best lipstick that fits both your style and preference as well as your pocketbook.

Lip crayons may be stored in a makeup bag.
Lip crayons may be stored in a makeup bag.

Many people like to shop for a lip crayon during season changes because they prefer to wear a certain shade that not only complements the season but also their changing skin tones. During the summertime, many people have darker skin than they do in the winter months because they normally have more sun exposure, which tans the skin. This can be an influencing factor for choosing a color shade of lipstick. Most women can wear certain shades of lip color all year round, and this is determined by the undertone of a person's skin. Those who have pink undertones look better in winter shades, and those who have golden undertones look best in fall shades.

Lip crayons can help color the outline of the lips.
Lip crayons can help color the outline of the lips.

The quality of cosmetics is important to consider as well because a higher-quality lip crayon will have a longer-lasting effect. The cosmetic ingredients used to make the lip crayon are also important as cheaper products can actually be harmful to a person's health. It is important to use lip cosmetics that are hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin or an allergy to cosmetic products. This can be a critical determining factor when choosing a lip pencil or lipstick of any kind.

A woman's lipstick should fit easily into her pocketbook or purse for easy access at any time. A lipstick that can be carried along wherever you go is a great convenience. Choosing a lipstick that is within a moderate price range and that can be easily replaced is equally important. If a you purchase lip color from a place that is not accessible, it can be very inconvenient or impossible to purchase it again when it runs out. These are all important considerations to factor in when purchasing the best lip crayon.

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