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How do I Choose the Best LED Night Light?

Tess C. Taylor
Tess C. Taylor

If you are in need of a little extra lighting at night, then you may be searching for the best LED night light. An LED night light is a low energy option that uses light emitting diode instead of a regular halogen bulb in order to create light in specific areas. While an LED night light is good choice for the energy-conscious consumer, selecting the right one for the job can be somewhat challenging due to the wide range of models to choose from. Choosing the best night light to meet your needs is a matter of determining how much you want to pay, how sturdy it needs to be and how you plan to use the night light.

As you begin exploring the different LED night lights available on the market, try to consider where and how you will most likely be using it. For example, if the night light will be used in the home for a bedroom or bathroom, chances are good that you will only need a small inexpensive plug-in LED unit that will illuminate a small area during the evening hours. In contrast, if you need a portable night light that will be used in various areas of your home or office, such as to light up an entire workspace or room, then you may need a larger, more powerful and durable unit that has a higher power level and can be recharged at a central station.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

In some cases, you will only be using an LED nightlight in one limited area of your home or office. You may only use it for a few hours each day or it may be in use throughout the day to light up a dark area where safety is a concern, such as in a hallway, a corner or small room that is not in use all the time. You may want to choose a mid-priced, yet durable LED night light that contains a sensor which turns it on when a person is nearby. This can save on electricity and make the LED night light last for many years.

Your LED night light may be required to light your path if you plan to use it on a bicycle or cart to travel or transport things. If you plan to use your night light in this manner, you will most likely need to choose a very sturdy model that is specially designed for portability and distance and has a substantial number of diodes which can emit more light. In addition, you will want to choose the right mounting brackets to securely attach the new LED night light to objects such as your bike or cart. Choose wisely and you will experience years of enjoyment with your new night light.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book