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How Do I Choose the Best Leather Tufted Ottoman?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

To choose the best leather tufted ottoman, do some comparative shopping at local outlets and retail furniture stores. Check advertisements in newspapers for selection and shop only from reliable sources. If you're buying your leather tufted ottoman online, read reviews for the product. Choose a color that closely matches the chair you wish to team it up with and be sure the color and style coordinates with your existing furniture. Be sure the leather is of high quality or it may be more likely to become damaged from wear and tear.

Although most fine leather material will require periodic maintenance, look for a leather tufted ottoman that requires minimal care. One that washes clean with a damp cloth is best. Caring for leather ottomans often means conditioning with a special treatment periodically. If the leather requires frequent conditioning, however, it may be a costly investment.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Check the stitching on the leather tufted ottoman. It should have panel stitching that is tight and secure. Any sign of loose stitching may indicate a possible defect in craftsmanship or the likelihood of the stitching becoming unraveled later on. Look for the legs of the ottoman to be constructed of high quality wood. Be certain there are no visible signs of chipping or peeling of the wood.

Also check to see how sturdy the leather tufted ottoman is by trying it out. Sit in a chair and place your feet on the ottoman. If you feel it is unsteady or about to topple over, this could mean it is not supportive enough. Also, if the leather creases very easily, this could mean poor quality.

Depending upon your needs, you may opt for a leather tufted ottoman that has a built-in storage compartment. A storage ottoman offers versatility and convenience for storing magazines, remote controllers and other equipment. If you choose this type of model, check to be sure the hinge on the storage door moves freely without any squeaks, and that it is not loose in any way.

Consider the style of the leather tufted ottoman you may purchase. Many styles are in contemporary modern design, while others offer a traditional or a Victorian design. If your existing furniture is of an early American decor, you might want to avoid buying a leather tufted ottoman that is crafted in an art deco or modern design. Conversely, avoid choosing an ottoman that is an early American style when your room consists of contemporary furniture.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book