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How do I Choose the Best Leather Recliner?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best leather recliner for your home means finding a chair you love the comfort of in a style that suits your decor. While traditional interiors can handle more detailed recliners, modern decors are best with streamlined leather furniture. You should first decide whether you're considering only a stand-alone recliner or one that is part of a sofa.

Leather sofa recliners are popular for any style of home. Rather than having to have separate, stand-alone chairs, which can appear cluttered as well as be difficult to arrange attractively, a sofa style of leather recliner can give a more compact and cohesive look to a family or living room. There are also many different kinds to suit any type of household and size of living space. For instance, sofa recliners may feature two recliner seats plus seat backs that fold down into side tables; these can be idea for couples. Larger, sectional leather sofa recliners can attractively provide more seating for the space since they fit on a corner wall; these styles can be especially efficient for family rooms.

Woman posing
Woman posing

If you prefer a stand-alone style of leather recliner, there are several options in construction and type. For instance, you could choose a rocker style if you find this kind of recliner relaxing or if you are, or plan to be, a new parent. A leather rocker recliner can mix in well with both traditional and modern interiors. If a rocking chair isn't something you want in your living space, a recliner with an ottoman may be a better choice.

A leather ottoman with a matching recliner allows for your legs to be placed up without having to use a lever or other mechanism to raise the built-in footrest. The ottoman may also provide extra seating such as for a child when a lot of guests are visiting your home. Whether you choose a leather recliner with or without an ottoman, make sure the lever mechanism works smoothly to raise and lower the footrest and backrest. Having to fight with the chair to relax is not only ironic, but also irritating.

While a recliner with button tufting, detailed stitching or extra, padded flaps of leather may work well in a traditional interior, avoid these embellishments if you have a modern decor. You don't have to sacrifice features to still get a modern look though. For example, although an armless leather recliner can look ultra-modern with its simple, extra-streamlined shape, if armrests would be more comfortable for you, don't compromise for the sake of style.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing