How do I Choose the Best Lace Curtain Panels?

Sheri Cyprus

If you want to add light and airiness to a room, white lace curtain panels can be a good choice. When a touch of romantic drama is needed, lace curtain panels in black or another dark color such as navy blue may work best. The type of lace panels you choose for your windows should be another consideration. Cut-out, handkerchief style lace with a lot of open space in the design lets in the most daylight. All lace curtains are going to be sheer though, so if you do want privacy when you close these window coverings, using a liner behind them can help solve the problem.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Choose lace panels with a liner fabric in the same color for a blended look. Keep in mind that if you do use a liner piece of fabric under the lace, this will make the lacy, openwork effect much more subtle. Liner fabric in either a much lighter or darker color than the lace curtain panels will make the lacy design stand out. If you'd like to choose lace curtains in this bolder look, you can pick lighter and darker shades of the same color or two completely different colors for the panel and liner.

Another consideration to make when deciding on lacy curtain panels for your living space, is whether a straight or rounded edge design would work best. For instance, rounded Roman lace curtain panels can create a romantic, elegant statement, while rectangular lacy panel types can look more sophisticated and modern. For romantic decors, ribbon trims or curtain tie backs can work, but the extra detail doesn't usually look as good with contemporary interiors.

If you're going to place a type of lace curtain panel on either side of a blind-covered window, make sure the blind doesn't have too heavy of a look to it. Lacy, airy curtains over a thick, dark window blind can often end up looking mismatched rather than attractive. Lightweight blinds without a pattern or texture that competes with that of the lace curtain panels tend to work best.

Long lace paneled curtains usually work best when measured to hang above the floor line rather than puddled on it. While velvets and other drapery fabrics tend to look attractive and luxurious this way, the open work and delicate texture of lace curtain panels don't often suit this style. Neither will a sharply pleated look typically suit a lace curtain panel. Hanging lace panels from a curtain rod in soft folds is usually the most attractive look for this material.

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@raynbow- You have a couple options for creating the atmosphere you want in your living room without hanging extremely fancy, lacy curtains that won't look like they match your room.

First of all, if you have your heart set on lace curtain panels, you should look for a set with a basic design. While frilly lace will look too dramatic for a casual living room, panels that have lacy swirls or even flowers should work for you. I use to have a set of lace curtain panels that had a rose design, and they had a whimsical look that went perfectly in a casual room.

On the other hand, if your main goal is creating a sunny feel to the room and you don't necessarily want lace, sheer curtain panels may be a better choice for you. While these thin curtains let light in and open up a room, they are not too fancy for a casual living space. Sheer curtain panels also come in many colors, so you should be able to find a set to match your living room decor.


Has anyone every tried hanging lace curtain panels over a sliding glass door? I want to create an airy, sunny feel in my living room that has this type of door that leads to a patio, but I don't want to use curtains that look out of place in this casual room.

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