How Do I Choose the Best Korean Movies?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best Korean movies depends on a number of factors, including personal interests. Korea has a large and diverse movie industry, but many of the most popular Korean films fall into the romance and horror genres. In addition to looking at different movie genres, one way to choose the best Korean movies is to focus on the works of popular directors. Various lists of favorite Korean movies have been generated from movie reviewers around the globe, and looking at these lists can often reveal good places to start.

Many popular Korean movies are horror movies.
Many popular Korean movies are horror movies.

Korean romance films are extremely numerous and popular. In general, Korean movies are often focused on the characters and plot involved rather than sweeping action. Looking for the best Korean movies in this genre is largely personal, but a good place to start is with movies starring popular Korean actresses.

Most of the Korean movies that are available on a worldwide basis were produced in South Korea, as communist-controlled North Korea exercises heavy censorship and export controls.
Most of the Korean movies that are available on a worldwide basis were produced in South Korea, as communist-controlled North Korea exercises heavy censorship and export controls.

Likewise, what a person finds scary in Korean horror movies is primarily a personal choice, but many films have been recognized internationally as amazing movies. A great way to get an introduction into Korean horror cinema is to watch the original versions of films that have been remade in Hollywood or other markets. This identifies movies that were compelling enough to remake, which often means that the original was quite good.

In all movie markets, famous actors and directors are often involved in the most prestigious projects. Doing research into who the most popular directors and actors are in Korea can often identify new movies that are excellent. Choosing the best Korean movies this way is risky, as even great actors and directors sometimes fail. Even so, this will provide a broader knowledge of Korean cinema than simply watching the greatest hits.

Reviewers and enthusiasts all over the world often compile lists of what they think are the best Korean films. These lists tend to have a lot of overlapping titles, which can be useful when trying to determine which movies are the best for the most people. It is also important to consider cultural differences between reviewers, as movies that resonate in one culture may not be popular in another. When choosing movies this way, it is often best to find reviewers whom you trust and take their recommendations over those you find less credible.

One problem that must be considered when choosing the best Korean films is whether you can speak Korean and how you will access the movies. Many Korean movies are not immediately translated or subtitled, and some movies never get translated at all. In addition to the language barrier, you must also contend with the fact that some Korean movies are difficult to purchase when outside Korea. For the true enthusiast, these problems can be solved by visiting Korea and learning Korean.

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One thing I really like about this article is that it really shows that the film industry is known worldwide. It's always good to know about the film industry, and even if we're used to English speaking movies, there are those who beg to differ. Watching a movie in a different language is always a bit unusual, especially if you're an American, but you get used to it after a while. And fortunately, they have subtitles. Depending on the type of movie you're watching, they can either be easy to understand, or very hard to follow.


While I've never watched Korean movies, I do think it would be good to expand your horizons. This is especially the case if you live in America and are used to watched Hollywood related films. Just my opinion, but one thing I tend to notice about Korean films is that they tend to have a lot of drama in them. There are rarely any funny moments, and when it is amusing, it doesn't last for long.

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