How do I Choose the Best Kneeling Stool?

P.M. Willers
P.M. Willers
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A kneeling stool is normally chosen as an ergonomic and healthy alternative to a traditional desk chair. This being said, the best way to select a kneeling stool is to visit a place where it is possible to try a variety of options and check for comfort, size, and quality. If you are selecting an ergonomic chair for a specific health reason, or if you have recurring pain in one area, a health professional may be able to assist you in selecting the appropriate stool. Additionally, some ergonomic chair providers offer a helpful chart or other tool that can assist you in matching your desires with the best kneeling stool.

Depending on the company, it may be possible to have a supplier visit your workplace with several styles of stools. Alternatively, many companies allow a limited guarantee to give you time to be sure the kneeling stool you select is, indeed, the best stool for you. If these options are not available, it may be helpful to visit several websites with kneeling stools and read the reviews posted by previous customers. Customer reviews frequently outline a specific scenario, one which you may identify with, and then explain whether a particular kneeling stool was helpful.

The design of the kneeling stool sometimes makes it difficult for very tall or very short users to find a correct fit. Most kneeling stools have adjustable height, but the point of adjustment varies among chairs. Some chairs have adjustable kneeling pads, while others have an adjustable seat. Taller buyers may want to pay particular attention to this area. Some stools also may have a weight limit, depending on the style and building materials.

Nearly all kneeling stools come with sturdy wheels. Some stools have optional arms that can be attached, and others include a lower-back rest. Consider your work environment and daily tasks to find the best stool for you.

A rocking kneeling stool is another possibility. These chairs are normally not adjustable, but they rock to adjust to your personal center of balance as you sit. Rocking stools are also said to make users more active, because their core muscles are engaged as they sit.

Before purchasing a kneeling stool, you may want to note the dimensions and weight. Stools vary in the size of their seat and their building materials, and are available with a wooden or metal frame. Most stools include a limited warranty for repairs.

After purchasing your kneeling stool, be sure to read the accompanying manual. The unique sitting position required to use a kneeling stool means it is sometimes necessary to slowly integrate the chair into your work routine. Failing to allow your body to adjust to the new seating position may cause soreness or discomfort.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book