How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Cornice?

A. Leverkuhn

Lots of homeowners and others responsible for interior spaces look for kitchen cornice designs to outfit a kitchen, and make the windows in this room shine; choosing the best kitchen cornices involves evaluating which kinds of window dressings can make a space look best. A cornice is a relatively simple structure, but the details involved in mounting and installation can be difficult. Design issues also come into play where some cornices are more visually appealing than others.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

One big issue with a kitchen cornice is the ease of use and assembly. The best kitchen cornice models have proper fasteners that will help the installation withstand pressure and remain fixed over the window over time. Inferior products can have inadequate fixtures with hard to follow instructions.

When shoppers look for a window cornice design, visual flare plays a large role. The cornice is generally a flat, three-sided piece running around the top of the window. Some of these items have appealing home-style iconic pictures on the front to evoke a specific theme or association. These models compete with single-color designs and patterns to compliment a room's color scheme.

Another detail for choosing the right kitchen cornice is that the model has to be appropriately sized. Shoppers have to evaluate the three sides of the cornice to make sure that the length fits around the window frame horizontally, that the vertical pieces have appropriate clearance, and that no protrusions from the wall will obstruct the path of the cornice pieces. Generally, the cornice extends several inches out from the window, so that small items will not obstruct its use.

Where some kitchen cornice models are simply pieces of wood or faux wood products, others are upholstered. Upholstered or carpeted kitchen cornices have a different kind of appearance altogether. They make a space look softer and more comfortable. A “lush” style kitchen cornice can be a real pick-up for a kitchen window.

Aside from basic issues with the materials and the structural design of the cornices on the market, buyers can also evaluate special features on some models. Many cornices accommodate a draw string shade or similar shade design. The cornice can ship along with a vertical shade that is held up by the top cornice bar. Combining shades and cornices can make any sized kitchen window more attractive and functional, allowing users to block light as needed.

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