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How Do I Choose the Best Kinect® Game Bundles?

R. Dhillon
R. Dhillon

Kinect®, formerly called Project Natal, is a wireless and controller-free add-on for the Xbox® console. If you want to get Kinect®, you have several options for purchasing it. These include purchasing it on its own, bundled with games, or bundled with games, a console, and other Xbox® accessories. The total cost of Kinect® game bundles is typically lower than the cost of purchasing the items individually, but you'll only save money if you choose the right bundle for your needs. Before buying a Kinect® bundle, determine whether Kinect® is right for you, make a list of what you need and want, and calculate the savings the bundle provides.

For Kinect® to function properly, it must be installed in a space that provides it with enough room to see the players. According to Microsoft®, there should be 6 feet of space between Kinect® and the gamer during one-person gameplay, and 8 feet of space during two-person gameplay. Additionally, gamers should have 6 feet of space available for moving from side to side and the room should be brightly and evenly lit. If your video game room is too small or too dark, you might not be able to play video games using Kinect®.

Two young boys
Two young boys

Whether you already own an Xbox® or are getting ready to purchase your first one, making a list of what you want and need is a good first step to take when selecting a Kinect® game bundle. Some of the items you need might include additional controllers, a microphone headset for online gameplay when you're not using Kinect®, and a charging station. Additionally, you'll probably want to add new games to your collection. If you don't own an Xbox®, you'll also need to figure out which Xbox® console is right for you. The 250 gigabyte (GB) console includes a built-in hard drive and plenty of space for storing game data, while the more affordable 4GB console offers onboard memory, but doesn't allow you to take advantage of all of the console's features, such as backward compatibility with older games and the ability to play some games online.

Once you've made a list of the equipment, games, and accessories you want, you can compare these items to those available in Kinect® game bundles. It is generally a good idea to purchase a bundle that consists mostly of items you want and need. These bundles will usually save you money when compared to purchasing the items individually. If you're looking at bundles containing old or outdated items, however, it might be cheaper to purchase those items separately and spend your money on Kinect® game bundles filled with new products.

If all of the available Kinect® game bundles contain a mixture of items you want and don't want, you'll need to calculate each bundle’s value. To determine the value of a bundle, find the best prices available for all of the items you want. Add up the costs, including shipping and taxes, to find the total, and then subtract the total from the cost of the bundle. If the total is less than or close to the cost of the bundle, the bundle provides good value.

When calculating the value of different Kinect® game bundles, you might want to adjust the value by figuring out how much the unwanted items sell for. By selling the unwanted items, you might be able to reduce the total cost of the bundle considerably. Alternatively, you might want to evaluate each bundle's value by determining which items in the bundle can be given away as gifts, which will save you money during birthdays and the holiday season.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys