How Do I Choose the Best Kelly Forceps?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth
Kelly forceps are often used during surgical procedures.
Kelly forceps are often used during surgical procedures.

Kelly forceps typically are used for surgery and common medical procedures, and there are many variations on this design. Choosing the best Kelly forceps likely will mean choosing some that are large enough for your needs without being overly large. There are both straight and curved versions, and both are good for different purposes. While most of these forceps have a similar teeth size, there are mosquito versions that have exceptionally small teeth. If you are using these forceps for common procedures instead of surgery, then you likely will want to get floor-grade Kelly forceps.

There are many different sizes of Kelly forceps available, and you should choose forceps that are large enough for your needs. Larger forceps will allow you to clamp more tissue at once, but large models may not be suitable for procedures that involve a small amount of tissue or very sensitive procedures. At the same time, small forceps may not be able to adequately stop bleeding if these are used as a hemostat.

The teeth of Kelly forceps can be either curved or straight, with the straight version being more common. Straight forceps are best when a moderate amount of force is needed and when you can easily see to clamp onto the tissue you need to move. If you need more force, or if the tissue is at a difficult-to-reach angle, then curved forceps may be better. The price of both forceps typically is about the same, so it often comes down to need and preference.

Most Kelly forceps have a general tooth size, and the teeth usually make up about one-third of the forceps, but there also is a mosquito variant. The mosquito version has much smaller teeth, which take up about one-fourth of the forceps. For sensitive procedures in which larger teeth can be unwieldy, this variant should help you properly perform the procedure.

Depending on the materials used to make Kelly forceps, you can choose either a floor or surgery model. A floor model is meant for common procedures that do not involve major incisions. While they are sanitary, they are not recommended for internal use, and they may harm the patient. If performing surgery, it would be safer to get surgery-grade forceps. At the same time, surgery-grade forceps often are more expensive, and they typically are not as durable, because they are made to deal with sensitive tissue inside the body rather than skin.

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    • Kelly forceps are often used during surgical procedures.
      By: Kot63
      Kelly forceps are often used during surgical procedures.