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How Do I Choose the Best Job Board Technology?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Job board technology allows a person to build a job board website for which the owner gets paid when people post jobs and when users apply for a posted position, but many of these programs have similar tools and features. With the best technology, users should be able to narrow down searches so they can find specific jobs and pay rates. To determine what applicant is best, a business will look at users’ resumes, so the job board technology should come packed with a resume upload feature or fields that allow applicants to type in their experience. Most job board software comes with a standard website model, but many owners will want to change this standard look. The administration tools for the owner should allow him or her to control all aspects of the job board.

When users come to a website that uses job board technology, they are often looking for very specific careers and pay rates. For example, if someone is looking for a mechanic job but only has experience working with buses, he or she may want to narrow "mechanic" search results to the specific field, and rule out mechanic jobs in other fields. Businesses adding jobs to the job board will find this feature useful, because it will better ensure that only applicants with appropriate experience or interest in the specific job niche will apply.

Most job boards allow job-seekers to upload their resumes.
Most job boards allow job-seekers to upload their resumes.

The ability to upload resumes will help both applicants and businesses. Applicants will want to be able to upload their resumes to display their experience to the employer in the hopes of outdoing other applicants or to display some particular skill in which employers might be interested. Employers need to check resumes to find the perfect applicant for the job. If a resume uploading feature is not part of the preferred job board technology, then a substitute feature could be text fields in which users type in personal information.

Most job board technology comes with a standard website model that owners can use, but many owners will want to change this standard model so their website looks unique. If the user is well-versed in programming languages, then the ability to program from scratch will be useful, because the user will be able to design the website however he or she likes. Users without programming experience will benefit from point-and-click designing that lets a user change colors and logos with just a click.

The human factor involved in the use of job board technology means there is a chance that some users will attempt to harass others, or that businesses may post unethical or illegal jobs. To keep the site owner from getting in trouble, and to alleviate any issues, the administration functions should allow the owner to easily deal with these issues. Other features should include banner control, social networking integration, and mass emailing for newsletters.

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    • Most job boards allow job-seekers to upload their resumes.
      By: Africa Studio
      Most job boards allow job-seekers to upload their resumes.