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How Do I Choose the Best Jeweled Hair Comb?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best jeweled hair comb, consider the style, size, color, material and overall look. Antique hair combs tend to be more ornate in their detail, but the jewels used are usually rhinestones which are also quite small. If you're looking for a hair comb to make more of an impact in your hairstyle, a clustered, jeweled look can be best. Large clustered styles of hair combs tend to be best for evening or special occasions, while a simple row of sparkly crystals or stones on a comb can work on the sides or back of the head for daytime.

Keep in mind that many hair combs with jewels are designed mainly to be decorative rather than hold hairstyles in place effectively. For this reason, it's a good idea to select a jeweled hair comb only to accent your hairstyle rather than help hold it to your head. Smaller jeweled combs may be more effective when used to hold up strands of hair such as sections on the front of the head to keep them off the face. To create more of an impact as well as add versatility, smaller less jeweled combs may be combined together such as to accent an up-swept, twisted hairstyle.

Jeweled hair combs may be purchased in hair salons.
Jeweled hair combs may be purchased in hair salons.

If instead, you'd rather have a larger, elaborately jeweled hair comb such as to accent a cocktail dress or other evening attire, give a lot of consideration to color. Clear crystals can offer the most versatility since they can be worn with any color of dress or outfit, yet if your hair is blond, they may not be as noticeable in your hair as you may like. In that case, choose a color of jewel that will show up well, but take care not to pick a comb that looks unsophisticated or gaudy. You could still have clear stones combined with colored ones, or even white pearls, as long as you love the look. Clear jeweled hair combs can be the ideal choice for darker hair colors.

Picking an antique hair comb made of tortoise-shell colored, light brown tones can suit any color of hair. Typically, antique jeweled combs feature rows of small rhinestones along all of the comb's basic structure whether it is angular or curved in its design. Look for sturdy plastic though, because if one of the comb teeth breaks, it could be noticeable in your hair. A metal jeweled hair comb can be more durable as well as add more "grip" in your hair.

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    • Jeweled hair combs may be purchased in hair salons.
      By: puhhha
      Jeweled hair combs may be purchased in hair salons.