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How Do I Choose the Best Interior Brick?

Karize Uy
Karize Uy

To choose the best interior brick for your home, you must consider first the overall theme that you want for the room. This will determine how you will choose the color and the texture of the brick. The space of room is also an important factor, as you can choose the brick that will make the room appear either smaller or bigger, depending on your preference. The type of interior brick should also be taken into account in order to determine the durability and the expected cost of purchasing the bricks.

The design and theme of the room are the most important factors in choosing the interior brick you would like installed. Dark-colored bricks ranging from maroon to brownish hues can complement a cozy, country-themed room, while lighter, more neutral colors like tan and yellow help create a sunny, “beach house” look for the room. Cool-toned bricks, on the other hand, like gray, can help complete the “old castle” feel in the room. Should the brick’s natural color not suit you, painting the bricks is an option, such as with black or white for a more modern look.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

The texture of the interior brick also plays a part in creating the theme of the room. For a clean, contemporary look, bricks with smoother surfaces can be used. Depending on the material, bricks can even have a glossy finish. Bricks with rough and irregular surfaces, on the other hand, can achieve the rustic look.

When it comes to the size and the space of the room, the color of the interior brick can help create the illusion you want your room to have. If you have a smaller space, lighter shades of bricks, ranging from whitewashed to sandy tones, can make the room appear bigger than it really is. Bricks with darker tones can help make a large room look smaller and more inviting. Installing a brick wall on just one side of the room can even create a focal point in the room, such as a “reading corner” in the living room or in the library.

The type of brick is also an important element in choosing the best interior brick, especially when it comes to quality and expenses. The most popular material for bricks is clay, as it is very durable, virtually waterproof when dried, and fire-resistant. One popular type of clay brick is the face brick, which has a smooth surface and is made into uniform shapes so it is very easy to install and arrange. For a less expensive choice and easier installation, brick veneer is also an option because it is just half as thick as the regular-sized brick and also weighs less. For cost-cutting homeowners who are also “going green,” reclaimed bricks made from demolished buildings are also available, although they have a rougher surface and may not be as durable.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass