How Do I Choose the Best Intercom Headset?

D. Nelson

An intercom headset is equipment that individuals use to communicate with visitors and callers over an intercom system. A user places earphones over his or her ears. Often there is a microphone attached to a headset through which a user can speak. To choose the best intercom headset, you first should consider from which features you most can benefit. It also can be a good idea to learn about how these features affect prices of headsets then to create a budget based on your conclusions.

An important factor to consider when choosing an intercom headset is deciding between a wired or wireless model.
An important factor to consider when choosing an intercom headset is deciding between a wired or wireless model.

A good way to begin educating yourself about intercom headsets is to use trade publications and informational websites. Learn about capabilities and durability of different models. You can find out which kinds of headsets are popular in call centers and in other environments where an intercom headset is an important piece of equipment.

Going to a call center can be an indication of the best intercom headset.
Going to a call center can be an indication of the best intercom headset.

When you are reading about intercom headsets, especially online, it is common to come across advertisements and professional websites. These resources can be helpful for learning about prices and service options, though you should think critically about the information you read. Remember that companies want to sell their headsets. If you would like objective user reviews, try to find an online consumer forum or consumer services magazine where you can read about others' experiences with headsets.

An important factor to consider when choosing an intercom headset is whether you need a wired or wireless model. Wireless models are excellent for professionals who might take calls while moving around an office, performing other tasks. They also are common among retail professionals who can communicate with coworkers while helping customers on a sales floor. Wired models often are less expensive and are a good fit for professionals who stay primarily at their desks.

Microphone sensitivity should also be a point of consideration when choosing an intercom headset. Sensitive microphones can allow you to sound clearer, though in busy offices they might pick up much background noise. A more selective microphone is better for loud environments.

If you need to choose an intercom headset for professionals at your office, you might benefit from getting several samples. Many suppliers have no problem sending sample headsets to individuals who make large purchases. Let your employees try on different headsets and determine which are most comfortable and easiest to use while performing daily tasks. If there is disagreement among your employees, let them vote on which intercom headset is best.

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I have a friend who works from home, but has to make several phone calls each day. He has an intercom headset and says that it has saved him tons of time and has increased his productivity.

Before, he would have to be stuck in one place on the phone. Even with a cell phone, it can be hard to do anything while you talk. Now when he is talking on the phone, he can do things around the house, or have both hands free to talk or type.


@Emilski - I used to work at a fast food restaurant where we wore headsets. I can say from personal experience that the quality of the headsets makes a huge difference when you are wearing it for a long time.

The kind we had were fairly cheap. They didn't like to stay on your head, and it could be hard to hear people talk sometimes. It seems like they got broken pretty easy, too. On the other hand, though, I have seen some restaurants where the employees have large, bulky headsets, and I think that would be almost as bad.

The kind we had were wireless and ran on a rechargeable battery pack. Like you mentioned, the models for phones or computers run off of the machine's power.


@matthewc23 - Somewhere I can think of that uses intercom headsets would be a fast food restaurant. You usually see at least a few people who have on a headset so that they can take drive through orders and communicate with other employees.

I am starting to see headsets used more and more at other stores, too. Just the other day, I was at an office supply store, and I asked a question about a product, and the associate called back to someone else in the store who was able to answer the question.

When I was reading the article, I was wondering how exactly intercom headsets are powered. I have never really looked at one up close before. If it is a wired model, I would assume it could plug into the phone or computer and use that for its power. For the wireless models, there would have to be some kind of battery source. Do they use regular batteries or are there rechargeable kinds?


At first I wasn't thinking more of an intercom to a house or apartment, but I see it can also refer to any sort of calling device.

What are some professions where you would have to wear an intercom headset? All I can really think of would be a telemarketer or someone that works at a call center. I'm sure there have to be others that I just can't think of.

How much would a normal intercom headset cost? Is there much difference between the wired and wireless models?

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