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How Do I Choose the Best Industrial Washing Machine?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

An industrial washing machine can help you keep up with large volumes of laundry or heavy items. Before you choose a washing machine, it can be helpful to know a little bit about the different models that are available. That way, you can decide what size drum you need as well as what other features you might want. Buying ones of these types of washing machines can be very expensive, so it can be good idea to inquire about any warranties a dealer might offer as well as whether parts are readily available.

People may purchase an industrial washing machine for many different reasons. Before you buy a heavy duty washing machine, think about your intentions for doing so and write them down before you shop. That way, you can ask a sales representative to show you different types of washing machines that best meet your specific needs.

An industrial washing machine may require the usage of a significant amount of detergent.
An industrial washing machine may require the usage of a significant amount of detergent.

Knowing your reasons for buying an industrial washing machine can also help you decide what type you need. If you will be using an industrial machine for personal use, you may want to choose one that can be hooked up to your existing plumbing and does not need coins in order to start it. In the event you plan to share this appliance with others, a coin operated washing machine might be a better choice.

While you are talking to the dealer, it can be a good idea to ask questions about the company's service plan and whether a warranty is included with your purchase. Some of the things you may want to know are how long it might take to get service, if parts are readily available, and the cost of a home visit. If the washing machine is covered by a warranty, you might want to ask what things are included in this certificate as well as if you might be charged a co-payment for using this service.

Repairs are not the only thing that could drive up the cost of an industrial washing machine. The cost of electricity and water could also make operating one of these types of washing machines very expensive. For this reason, it can be helpful to know whether the appliance is rated for energy efficiency before you make a purchase. Choosing one that allows you to adjust the water level based on the size of the load could also help save money on your water bill.

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Many people who are looking to purchase industrial washing machines are doing so because they need them for business purposes. If they need more than one, or also need an industrial clothes dryer to go along with the washing machine, chances are they will save money by making multiple purchases at one time.


Since industrial washing machines are usually much more expensive than regular washing machines, it is a good plan to wait until the model you want goes on sale. Most stores that carry industrial washing machines frequently offer sales and discounts on these items, especially when the new year's models are released.

You can also save money on an industrial washing machine by looking in the discount or scratch and dent section of the store. Many people shopping for this type of appliance can expect to save hundreds of dollars by purchasing models that may have some imperfections but still work like new.

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    • An industrial washing machine may require the usage of a significant amount of detergent.
      By: dp3010
      An industrial washing machine may require the usage of a significant amount of detergent.