How do I Choose the Best Hydroponic Nutrients?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

Choosing the correct hydroponic nutrients requires careful analysis of the types of plants to be grown, the person's budget, and the kind of hydroponic gardening system to be employed. Different plants require different pH balances as well as nitrogen levels. In addition to considering the type of plants to be fed, the type of hydroponic system to be used has bearing on the choice of nutrients purchased. Hydroponic systems are equipped with either drip irrigation systems or flood and drain capabilities. Each of these factors is important in selecting the ideal liquid plant nutrients for the hydroponic garden.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Each type of plant often requires specific types of essential nutrients and in order to choose the correct one, it is vital to research the plants the grower intends to cultivate. Different types of hydroponic nutrients offer unique capabilities, such as helping to establish deep root systems, encourage more aromatic flowers, and encouraging rapid growth. People who wish to grow productive vegetable plants are likely to choose essential nutrient combination options designed to encourage fast growth with high yields of expected produce. Gardeners who choose to grow flowering and non-flowering decorative plants don't have a need for as much nitrogen and vitamin rich hydroponic plant nutrients, and will look for products that offer nutrients specifically beneficial to those types of non edible plants.

When selecting hydroponic nutrients, the gardener must also bear in mind the type of gardening system to be used. In most cases, the information enclosed with the gardening system will offer suggestions specifically for that type of system, be it the drip option or a system with flood and drain abilities. This information will also suggest the best ratios of water to nutrient mixture for the various types of plants recommended to be grown with the system.

The desired price range is an important consideration when choosing hydroponic nutrients as well. Many gardening experts advise that hydroponic gardening can be one of the most expensive options open to the home gardener. These experts typically suggest choosing a budget for the nutrient supplies, and finding the best possible products to fit the amount allotted. Incredibly inexpensive hydroponic nutrients are not typically recommended, as they are not usually made from quality ingredients, but the moderately priced options are frequently of comparable quality to the high end expensive brands. Choosing the correct hydroponic nutrient mixture is necessary to produce healthy plants and ensure successful gardening.

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