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How Do I Choose the Best Hyacinth Bouquet?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best hyacinth bouquet, think about the occasion and the overall mood you want to create with the flowers. Fragrant hyacinths are available in many beautiful, spring-fresh colors from cool blue to fiery red to suit different situations such as a wedding, baby shower, dinner party or Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gift. Considering the meanings associated with different colors can be a great way to choose a hyacinth bouquet, whether it contains only those blooms or includes another flower such as tulips.

A bouquet of blue hyacinths and white tulips is a visually striking option that sets a tone of calm sophistication and peace. The blue hyacinth is often said to symbolize both serenity and sincerity, while white tulips are thought to mean being forgiving. Purple hyacinths are thought to express feeling sorry for one's actions or attitudes, so this type of hyacinth bouquet can be the ideal choice for an apology gift. If the apology is for being jealous, yellow hyacinths can be a great addition to the purple ones, as not only are these complementary colors, but the yellow hyacinth symbolizes jealousy. It's a good idea to mention the flower meanings in the card, along with your sincere words, when giving a hyacinth bouquet as an apology.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

For a hyacinth bouquet suitable for a spring dinner table centerpiece or baby shower, green-white hyacinths that signify freshness can be blended with more colorful flowers associated with joy and happiness such as pink or yellow tulips. Green-white hyacinths are also often said to stand for luck and optimism. The white hyacinth means beauty and charm, so it can be an ideal choice for bridal flowers. The white hyacinths may be used either alone in a bouquet or with other blooms in the bride's chosen accent color.

Since red flowers, including the hyacinth, are usually associated with expressing love, this type of bouquet can be a great for a Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gift. Again, tulips can be an attractive accompaniment to a hyacinth bouquet and the red tulip is thought to mean deep love. To congratulate someone for an achievement, such as graduating school or getting a promotion at work, consider a bouquet of purple hyacinths. In addition to expressing apology, these flowers also symbolize high standing and royalty. The lavender hyacinth is said to mean femininity as well as elegance, while the orange color of this flower is associated with enthusiasm and confidence.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower