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How do I Choose the Best Hood Dryer?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Heat is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a hood dryer. You need to make sure your selection is at least 1,500 watts and that you have more than a single heat setting. Find one that will adjust to fit your needs. If you choose a portable model, make sure it is durable.

What you will look for in a hood dryer depends on whether you will use it professionally or personally. If you use it professionally, there is more to consider since the machine will be used by many people. Size is one example of this.

Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

As an individual, you may not vary your hairstyle very much, but some roller sets require a head full of large rollers. These may not comfortably fit under certain models of dryers. Think carefully about the size of the hood when you choose your dryer.

You need to consider the height adjustment on your dryer. This is especially true if you will be using it with a non-standard size chair. It is, of course, best to measure the chair and then make sure the dryer can extend sufficiently. You should, however, try to get a hood dryer that has the best height variability possible.

You want to try to avoid buying a hood dryer that has less that 1,500 watts. If it is an option, you should try to get one that is 1,800 watts. Variable heat settings are an important feature to look for. Otherwise, you could find yourself in situations where you have too much heat.

If you will use your hood dryer in more than one place, you may want to consider a soft model, also known as a bonnet dryer. The appearance of these is not generally as professional as a standard hood dryer, if that is a concern. There are models, however, that work very well. If you choose to transport a tabletop dryer instead, make sure you assess the machine while it is open. Some of these tend to be shabby and have hoods that are too heavy, which can result in you owning a rickety, top heavy appliance.

Consider the interior of the hood dryer. If there is a possibility you will use it for hair coloring or other processes that involve harsh chemicals, you should consider the potential staining. In doing so, you may want to avoid a model that has a white or light-colored hood interior. Although performance of the dryer is not likely to be affected, it can be unpleasant to sit under a hood that is discolored and appears dirty.

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    • Woman in breeze
      Woman in breeze