How Do I Choose the Best Hipster Haircut?

Erik J.J. Goserud

Hipsters are a subculture typically tied to liberal thinking, indie music, and the desire to look creative or alternative. Their haircuts stray away from the mainstream and conventional barbershop styles. If you are in the market for a hipster haircut, be sure to bring a picture or a detailed description of the type of cut for the barber's reference. Most barbers have the ability to cut a hipster haircut even if they don’t know what a hipster is, but there are particular haircut shops that cater to this alternative style. When choosing the best hipster haircut, it is important to consider your particular scene, trendsetters, and potential job interviews.

Hipster haircuts typically strive to look creative or alternative.
Hipster haircuts typically strive to look creative or alternative.

It is vital to take into account your particular scene, which often goes hand in hand with the type of music the people listen to. For example, a hipster in the dub-step, or electronic, robot dance music, scene may sport a vastly different style than a hipster in the indie rock scene. Major music and fashion magazines are popular catalysts for shaping trends and creating trendsetters. Particular hipster haircuts come and go with the trends and times.

Hipster haircuts for men are often short.
Hipster haircuts for men are often short.

There is a wide variety of hipster haircuts. Swiping the hair off to one side is a common technique as well as cutting the hair extremely short on the sides while leaving it longer on the top. Using hair products is common. The more alternative you want your haircut to be, the more hair gel, dye, and products will typically go into it. Edgier hipster haircuts are often associated with more punk and hard-core scenes. These styles can include longer bangs, dyed streaks, and heavy hair gel.

Trendsetters are known as the leaders of a particular fashion trend. They are typically celebrities or public figures whose styles are emulated by the public. As hipsters, it is usually common to avoid styles created by any major celebrities considered to be “popular.” Thus, a hipster haircut is often influenced by underground semicelebrities. They may be sparked by a particular movement rather than a particular person.

Though it may be contrary to hipster thinking, consider the appearance of the hipster haircut to potential employers. Certain employers may be turned off by haircuts they deem as “strange” or “alternative.” Persons of prehipster generations may not understand the fashion and may deem it irresponsible. There are plenty of styles that can be considered hipster while still being reserved enough for most jobs and employment offices. In other cases, a hipster haircut may aid in helping one secure a particular job.

There are some barbershops that cater to these hipster scenes and styles. Prices at these boutique shops are generally more expensive than traditional hairstylists. As most hipsters are in their 20s and 30s, look for a barber in a similar age range who may be more knowledgeable in hipster styles. Studying alternative subcultures in the media is a great way to find your desired hipster haircut.

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