How Do I Choose the Best Herbal Treatment for Scars?

Meshell Powell

Choosing the best herbal treatment for scars can be a bit time consuming and often requires a trial and error approach, as each person responds differently to the various treatment options. Some of the most commonly used herbs for this purpose include lavender oil, chamomile, and burdock root. Olive oil and black walnut may also be used to minimize the appearance of scars. Those who are seeking an herbal treatment for scars may benefit from the use of herbs such as red clover, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Side effects and medication interactions are possible when using any of these methods, so a doctor should be consulted with questions or concerns about a specific herbal treatment for scars.

Scar tissue.
Scar tissue.

Lavender oil is a popular herbal treatment for scars and is thought to work best when applied immediately following an injury that may lead to scarring. This essential oil is believed to have natural antibiotic properties and may help repair damaged skin tissue. Some people may experience mild to moderate skin irritation when applying lavender oil to the skin, so it is best to test the oil on a small area of skin before widespread use.

Aloe vera gel may help with scars.
Aloe vera gel may help with scars.

Chamomile and burdock root are often used to reduce the appearance of scars. As a natural anti-inflammatory agent, chamomile may be used both internally and externally to promote skin health. This herb is related to plants such as ragweed and may cause allergic reactions in some people. Burdock root is believed to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation, making it a popular addition to creams or ointments designed to treat skin blemishes and scars. Those who are diabetic should consult a doctor before using this herb, as it can affect blood sugar levels.

Thiosinaminum is a homeopathic treatment for healing scar tissue.
Thiosinaminum is a homeopathic treatment for healing scar tissue.

Olive oil is frequently recommended as an herbal treatment for scars due to its reported healing effects on the skin. Black walnut is thought to relieve symptoms of many skin conditions and is often added to skin care products, although some studies have suggested that this herb may increase the risks of developing some forms of cancer. Red clover contains estrogen-like chemicals and may help to reduce skin inflammation and scarring.

Aloe vera and tea tree oil can be used alone or added to skin creams or other cosmetic products to help prevent or treat scars. Fresh aloe vera gel is often applied directly to the affected area to promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Tea tree oil can be added to a carrier oil such as olive oil and applied to the scar tissue on a daily basis.

Red clover may be used as a herbal remedy for scars.
Red clover may be used as a herbal remedy for scars.

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@donasmrs-- That's probably the case. The ingredients you mentioned are all very good and beneficial for scar healing.

I personally heal my scars with vitamin E oil. I'm afraid to try essential oils because I have very sensitive skin. I know I'm allergic to tea tree oil and lavender oil is also irritating. Oils like vitamin E oil and olive oil never irritate however. I'm also fond of beeswax. I've noticed that the more moisturized the skin, the faster scars heal. So it's important to use a herbal treatment that is very moisturizing for skin and also gentle.


I'm using a very effective herbal scar cream. It's the best scar cream I have used so far. It makes scars go away within a few weeks when I use it daily. So far, it has worked for my acne scars, scratch marks and a burn scar I had on my arm.

The only issue is that I'm not sure which ingredients are responsible for these results because the cream contains so many! It has ingredients like tea tree oil, almond oil and aloe vera gel. Maybe the product works so well because it has multiple herbal scar remedies.


Coconut oil is another wonderful oil to use on scars. It's extremely moisturizing and contains nutrients that's beneficial for skin. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Of course, it shouldn't be applied on broken skin. I had a scar on my leg that disappeared with the regular application of coconut oil.

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