How Do I Choose the Best Hemp Pants?

Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks
Hemp plants.
Hemp plants.

Since hemp pants are available in numerous styles and for varying prices, it’s helpful to know both the purpose your pants will serve and the budget you have to work with. Shopping around with both brick-and-mortar and online stores will broaden your selection and help you find pants that fit your style and price needs. You can also talk with past customers, as well as family members, friends, and co-workers about the kinds of hemp pants they prefer. Despite its durability and versatility, hemp growth and products aren’t accepted everywhere. Check with your area’s government agency that provides drug enforcement services before purchasing any kind of hemp product, including everything from hemp jewelry to hemp clothing.

Shoes can also be made from hemp.
Shoes can also be made from hemp.

Like most other kinds of pants, hemp pants are available in a wide variety of styles and for numerous purposes or occasions. Before you start shopping for the best hemp pants, determine the kind of pants you need. You might want casual pants for running errands or lounging around your home, or you might want more formal pants to wear to work or meetings. If you need workout pants to exercise in, you might shop for sporty hemp clothing. Some hemp pants are versatile enough that you can wear them for multiple purposes, and if you’re shopping on a budget, these kinds of pants might be best for you.

To find the best quality and price, spend some time shopping around with various retailers. Generally, hemp pants cost between $30 and $100 US Dollars (USD), depending on the hemp, the manufacturer, and the design of the pants. Yet, those same factors can raise the price to well over $100 USD. By taking the time to shop with several different retailers and compare quality, style, and price, you can increase your chances of choosing the best hemp pants for you. You might even find helpful customer reviews and recommendations in catalogs or on websites, or from people you know who wear hemp clothing.

If you plan to order hemp pants from another region, such as another country, first make sure you understand your own region’s laws regarding hemp. Some regions prohibit the personal and commercial growth of hemp, as well as the importation and use of certain products manufactured with hemp. Although industrial hemp production is allowed in Canada, most other North American territories have stricter laws than those in other areas of the world, such as Europe. For example, since hemp is Cannabis sativa (C. sativa), the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) classifies it as marijuana and restricts most growth of it. Still, the nation allows the importation of many hemp products, including those with seeds that have been sterilized.

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I agree with you anon320332. I highly recommend hemp pants or any Hemp products. Those products are generally durable. Choosing eco-friendly products is a good first step in helping our environment. So choose hemp pants and other accessories now.


Hemp pants and other accessories are a better choice than other fabrics like cotton, as they are stronger and comfortable than cotton. Hemp is also more eco-family than cotton and other products.

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    • Hemp plants.
      By: Boyan Dimitrov
      Hemp plants.
    • Shoes can also be made from hemp.
      By: esebene
      Shoes can also be made from hemp.