How do I Choose the Best Helmet Camera Mount?

Dee Saale
Dee Saale

Many people are interested in video recording their biking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, hang gliding, parachuting, or motorcycling adventures. Almost any activity that requires a helmet can be video recorded using a camera and a helmet camera mount. Just as there are a wide variety of helmet cameras, there are also a wide variety of mounts. Researching the options will allow anyone to find a helmet camera mount that is durable, steady, and inexpensive.

Cameras attached to the front of the helmet take excellent video footage.
Cameras attached to the front of the helmet take excellent video footage.

Although cameras can be mounted on the equipment, such as the bike, kayak, or motorcycle, it is more common to use a helmet camera mount. Some mounts resemble a headband, and are usually no heavier than a headlamp. The headband can either be strapped directly around the user’s head or it can be strapped around the outside of the helmet. Because it is only a strap, it can be quickly removed from the helmet so that the camera can be checked or so it can be stored. People who use the headband mount must be careful that the strap and camera do not rotate to the side or rear of the helmet.

Some helmets, such as those used for skiing and snowboarding, have vents. The vents or holes are the perfect place for a helmet camera mount to attach. The benefit of this kind of helmet camera mount is that the mount and camera can be moved from one set of vents to another. In addition, the mount and camera can easily be transferred to a completely different helmet. Some of the vent mounts are made of durable plastic and others are made from flexible straps.

Some mounts are attached to the front of the helmet. They allow for great video footage; however, they can be damaged during faceplants or if the user goes through trees with low-hanging branches. Other mounts are attached to the side of the helmet. They may be better suited for people performing stunts.

Besides the strap mounts, many mounts are attached to the helmet with a metal bracket. The metal brackets are durable and designed to fit particular cameras. There are helmet mounts made of hook-and-loop fasteners, similar to Velcro®. It is important for these fasteners to have the strongest hold possible, otherwise the mount and camera can easily fall off of the helmet.

It is possible to create a makeshift helmet camera mount. Simply take a tripod mount, attach it to straps made of nylon, and slide the straps through the vents of the helmet. Then, attach the camera to the tripod, put the helmet on, and start the recorder. It may be unsteady for some stunts; however, for those people who are engaged in smoother activities, it will work well.

Dee Saale
Dee Saale

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