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How Do I Choose the Best Headphone Ear Muffs?

Mal Baxter
Mal Baxter

Choosing the best headphone ear muffs will allow you to enjoy inner audio landscapes through cold weather, and possibly make a fashion statement too. Closer examination of products can reveal construction, quality, comfort, and durability traits. Give additional thought to battery needs and compatibility with your devices. Quality of audio reproduction may also be a determining factor for you. Styling can include subtle darker shades, or fun, fashionable colors.

Headphone ear muffs are often constructed with a pair of ear cups that house a speaker, and are connected by a headband. The whole unit may be wrapped in a layer of warm fabric, which may be lined with fleece or other material. Designed to protect the exposed ears from cold, these products can transmit music and other audio for added enjoyment. It should be noted that headphone ear muffs are very different products from the noise-canceling protective earphones used in industrial safety applications.

Commonly, headphones wear more loosely than ear muffs. If products are too loose, they can lose warmth. It's better to have a product that gives good sound and warmth than a pair that does one or neither well.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Many headphone ear muffs connect with digital music players, portable radios, and other personal electronics gadgets. Pairs can range in price from cheap to more expensive models made of high-end precision materials and electronics. The material that goes into their construction can offer varying degrees of warmth. For example, you might opt for different types of polyester fleece, nylon wrapping, or other brand materials. Products may stretch, and come in numerous colors, shapes, and graphic designs.

Your audio experience may be an important element to your decision. Some headphone ear muffs feature detachable audio cords and internal sound drivers. In addition, they may be designed to fold flat so they can be carried in a pocket. Be careful when selecting for this feature, because some products are more flexible than others. Heavy physical use can easily result in breaks in some products.

If possible, try on a pair before purchasing, to see how snugly they fit. Product dimensions can vary, with different degrees of flexibility, and any discomfort may feel magnified over prolonged use. Also, some devices may fit more snugly than others. They may attach over the head like traditional ear muffs, or wrap around the back of the head as ear warmers. With proper attention given to fit, quality, and comfort, headphone ear muffs can enhance any winter scene with musical warmth.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower