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How Do I Choose the Best Hair Extensions Styles?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

There are many different hair extensions styles. All textures and colors are available plus a variety of accent pieces like bangs and braids. To choose the best hair extensions styles, you need to find the right color and texture in a style that flatters your look. Extensions can be very expensive, so it's also good to decide how much money you want to spend before you begin shopping.

Pricing for hair extensions depends on whether the hair is real or synthetic. Synthetic extensions are cheaper, but they don't move like real hair and may look fake. Real hair lasts about four to 12 times longer than synthetic. If you plan to use your hair extensions more than once or twice, real hair will actually be more cost effective.

Blonde hair extensions.
Blonde hair extensions.

After you've budgeted for your hair extensions, determine what type you want. Clip-in extensions are easy to take on and off, and great for occasional use. There are also hair weaves and skin extensions, which are semi-permanent. The skin extension is a peel-and-stick adhesive that can last one to four weeks, depending on the application. A weave is hair that is attached to your own hair with a heated adhesive.

A stylist putting in hair extensions.
A stylist putting in hair extensions.

Semi-permanent extensions are typically done in a salon setting. They are more expensive, but doing a semi-permanent extension at home on yourself is very difficult. Clip-in extensions are fairly inexpensive, and you can practice using them until you get the style just right. If you're budget conscious, clip-ins are a good choice.

Typically, manufacturers make a wide range of colors. You probably won't have too much trouble matching your color, even if you dye your hair. You should also match the extension to your texture unless you want to style your hair to the match the extensions.

The best hair extensions styles will flatter your facial shape. To figure out what shape your face is, take a dry erase marker and outline your face on a mirror. Your outline will probably fall into one of four basic shapes: oval, round, square, or heart-shaped.

An oval face is well proportioned, with the eyes marking the widest part of the face, a smaller forehead and cheek bones, and an average chin. A round face has a larger forehead and jaw line, with curved features. The square shape is much like the round, only with more angular features. The heart shape is widest at the eyes, narrowing down to a delicate chin.

For oval faces, there are many options for hair extensions styles. Since the face is already balanced, almost any style is flattering. The one style to avoid is anything too long and too straight. It can make an oval face appear elongated or large. If you like the straight look, try it with side swept bangs to add balance to the face.

Individuals with heart-shaped and round faces are often look good with bangs. This extension style is a clip-on that attaches to the top of the head, creating bangs without actually cutting the hair. Bangs disguise the size of the forehead which creates the illusion of proportion to the face. Either blunt cut or side swept, depending on personal taste, will suit this facial shape. Wavy styles are typically more flattering than very curly, as curly can accentuate the roundness of the face.

Square faces, on the other hand, can benefit from both wavy and curly styles. The curves in the hair balance the angular shape of the face, making it appear softer. Wispy styles also help to add the illusion of curves to the face shape.

If you want a funky and fun styles, those are available with hair extensions. Bright colored feathered hair, braids, and printed hair come in a variety of lengths. Feathered hair flips out from the other hair. Printed hair has alternating colors, usually in stripes. Accents are a good way to update your typical look or to add interest to an updo for a special occasion.

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    • Blonde hair extensions.
      By: pavel Chernobrivets
      Blonde hair extensions.
    • A stylist putting in hair extensions.
      By: RTDS
      A stylist putting in hair extensions.