How Do I Choose the Best Green Tea Cream?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
Green tea.
Green tea.

There are many claims made by the manufacturers of green tea cream concerning its effectiveness, including reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and its ability to soften and smooth the skin, repair sun damage, and even reverse aging. While no product can be completely effective against aging and skin damage, cream made using the ingredient of green tea can help you to see improvements in these areas. The best green tea creams are those that are effective against sun damage and other skin problems like rosacea. To buy the right one, you'll have to look at the list of ingredients and the percentages associated with various ingredients. However, if you want the freshest green tea cream available, you can create it your own at home.

Green tea cream can be used to treat the effects of rosacea.
Green tea cream can be used to treat the effects of rosacea.

Protecting your skin from sun damage is often the best defense against adverse skin effects, and finding a green tea cream with sun protection factor (SPF) can help. Green tea has been shown in studies to have a significant ability to protect against free radicals and inflammation. For this reason, combining it with SPF can increase its ability to protect your skin from damage that is caused by overexposure to the sun. For the best results, choose a sunscreen that is zinc oxide-based.

If you want to combat the effects of rosacea, look for a green tea cream that has polyphenone in its ingredients list. The polyphenone should come in a percentage of at least 2%. Percentages starting at this amount have been noted in studies to combat the effects of rosacea and its associated skin lesions.

Green tea cream is often associated with other natural and organic products for the skin. If this important to you, then you should carefully examine packaging in order to determine both the ingredients and the manufacturing process. These products often consist of a green tea cream that has been made without artificial fragrances and colorants. You should also try to choose products that are made without the potentially harmful ingredients of parabens and petroleum. Those who want to help protect the environment can also invest in a cream that has been manufactured by a company that does not test on animals.

It should be noted that commercially-available green tea creams are usually not as fresh as they should be for optimum effectiveness. As a result, many consumers opt to create their own green tea creams at home for maximum potency. Easy recipes using green tea standardized extract can be followed to create the perfect green tea cream for you.

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@ocelot60- You make a good point, and that is why I make my own green tea cream. Where I live, I have a hard time finding natural products that don't contain artificial ingredients. On the other hand, making your own from basic ingredients is easy and inexpensive.

Coconut oil mixed with green tea powder makes the perfect cream. With few ingredients, there isn't anything that will irritate your skin.


I found a nice green tea cream at my local natural products store that doesn't have a lot of harsh ingredients. My skin gets very irritated in harsh weather, especially when it is very cold outside. The green tea cream soothes it and helps it heal.

Anyone looking for a good green tea should definitely look for one with few harsh ingredients, dyes, and perfumes for the best results.


Mixing green tea powder with pure almond oil makes a great moisturizer. It is also good to use on dry, irritated skin that is prone to allergic reactions from harsh ingredients.

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    • Green tea.
      Green tea.
    • Green tea cream can be used to treat the effects of rosacea.
      Green tea cream can be used to treat the effects of rosacea.