How Do I Choose the Best Green Laser Sight?

M. Kayo

Choosing the best green laser sight is simply a matter of doing some research and learning a bit about what makes one brand of laser sight better than another. There are a lot of red and green laser sights on the market, but green laser sight models may have some advantages over red laser sights including visibility, power consumption, operational temperature range, targeting adjustment capabilities, and size. Generally, a green laser sight is going to cost more than the more common red laser sight. For some situations and applications, the green laser sight may provide a tactical advantage over other types of sighting systems.

Green lasers have better visibility than red lasers, making them more popular for laser sights.
Green lasers have better visibility than red lasers, making them more popular for laser sights.

The visibility of a green laser sight in various light conditions is superior to the typical red laser sight. The reason for this lies in the photoreceptive nerve cells of the eye which convert light into electrochemical signals to be transmitted to the brain. These photoreceptors can see visible light from the red end of the spectrum at one ned (about 700 nanometers) to violet on the other end with a wavelength of about 400 nanometers. Green lies in the middle of this range of visible light, and humans can see it better. This is the reason that green laser sights are better than red laser sights, especially over long distances, in direct sunlight, and in low-light conditions as well.

One technical challenge with green laser sight technology is the operational temperature range. Green lasers are very picky about the temperature and environment around them, so heat and cold may have a negative effect on the performance of the filtering process that converts the infrared beam to a green beam. Take a careful look at the technical data for any green laser sight, and make sure the laser will function optimally within a certain temperature range. This range will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and will likely affect the price for units that function in higher temperature ranges.

Accurate mounting and targeting adjustment are important for any weapon but are critical for any type of laser or tactical sight. The actual size of the green laser sight is something to consider because it is more complex, takes up more space, and requires more power and possibly a larger battery to operate. Cheaper laser sights will typically be bulkier, have less accurate targeting mechanisms, and may even leak harmful radiation. More expensive green laser sights, made by top-quality manufacturers, will use better materials and provide better performance in just about any targeting or tactical conditions.

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