How do I Choose the Best GRE® CD?

H. Bliss
H. Bliss
A GRE CD is a great way to prepare for the exam using your computer.
A GRE CD is a great way to prepare for the exam using your computer.

Preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE®) can be easier with the right GRE® CD. When choosing a CD to help you study for the GRE®, it is crucial to make sure you get the type of CD for the right GRE® test. Once you have found the correct GRE® test CD, take a look at a few different GRE® CD programs to identify the differences. Check online reviews from previous users of the CD, who might give insight into the advantages and problems of each CD.

A GRE® compact disk (CD) is a compact disk-read only memory (CD-ROM) that holds a software program designed to assist a prospective test taker in studying for the GRE®. Usually, a GRE® CD comes with a GRE® study guide book. Because GRE® can refer to more than one type of test, have your test information on hand when you research the CD. Types of GRE® tests include the GRE® general test, GRE® subject tests, and GRE® for business school.

If you have a local library or bookstore nearby with copies of books with a GRE® CD included, you can browse some GRE® books for free to help decide which is best for you. Many libraries have request systems that can acquire copies of test books from other library branches. If you check a GRE® CD out at a library, you can try the CD on your home computer. Before committing to buy a GRE® CD, make sure your computer has the necessary resources and software to use the program on the CD. Computer requirements for a CD-ROM are usually located on the CD packaging or on the outside of the included study guide book.

The GRE® test measures verbal, critical thinking, quantitative, and analytical skills. While a few programs do not require GRE® scores, passing the GRE® is essential for most students pursuing a master's degree program. GRE® tests are used by many colleges offering graduate programs to determine whether a student is ready for graduate study. Scores from the GRE® are a common application requirement for a number of graduate programs, particularly business school programs.

Try to get the newest version of the GRE® test guide. The GRE® test is changed frequently, so only the newest guides have updated information on the test that is currently in use. If you cannot find the newest guide, an older GRE® CD should offer some help, but details about the test may no longer be accurate.

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    • A GRE CD is a great way to prepare for the exam using your computer.
      By: Paylessimages
      A GRE CD is a great way to prepare for the exam using your computer.