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How Do I Choose the Best Gold Comb?

Bryce Clinton
Bryce Clinton

There are a number of things to think about when trying to choose the best gold comb, including price, purpose, quality and authenticity. Prices will be significantly affected by whether you're looking for a rare, pure gold comb or a lower-carat, gold-plated comb. There are several reasons for using a gold comb, but most combs made with gold will be decorative.

Depending on your purpose for buying a gold comb, you'll need to choose from among the several types available. Perhaps the most popular variety is a side comb or French comb used for holding back hair. Another is a high-end vanity comb that imparts a sense of luxury while utilizing the properties of gold for basic grooming. A third type of gold comb that is often used by salons is a professional comb used for pressing and straightening hair.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Gold side combs come in many decorative styles and can be gold plated or made of pure gold. They might also be made of white gold. These combs usually have just a few teeth and are intended as either showpieces, collector's items, or hair fasteners depending on the quality and price. High-end decorative or antique gold side combs might be might be very simple, or they might be embedded with precious gems or include ornate artwork. These combs can be very expensive.

Professional combs for straightening hair are sometimes made of gold because of its natural ability to heat quickly. Gold is said to retain heat better than other metals, and it also provides a very smooth, antistatic surface for managing hair. Such professional combs are made for both salon and home use.

A gold comb for basic grooming is likely to be gold plated, although some might be made of pure gold. It will usually have fairly wide teeth and a medium shape, possibly with a handle, and possibly with decorative motifs. The more surface area that is plated with gold, the more expensive this comb will become. Such combs might be excellent for basic styling, but they are more of a luxury item than an actual tool.

To choose the the best gold comb for you, compare prices and make sure that sellers are reputable. Be certain of what you are getting before spending a lot of money. Carefully check specifications and dimensions since online images can be misleading. If you're buying an expensive antique or collector's comb, it can be worth many thousands of US dollars, so it's important to inquire about authenticity, appraisals, and insurance.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing