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How do I Choose the Best Glider Rocking Chair with an Ottoman?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Glider chairs are similar to traditional rocking chairs, but the rocking unit moves differently and makes for a different rocking feel. Unlike traditional rockers, a glider rocking chair with an ottoman will feature two separate units that work similarly. Each unit will feature a fixed base to which the chair unit or ottoman unit will be affixed with rocking arms. These arms cause the glider and ottoman to rock back and forth with a gliding motion rather than with the traditional rocking motion. Choosing a glider rocking chair with an ottoman boils down to choosing one that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, well-built, and affordable.

While it is possible to purchase a glider on its own, the package often contains a glider rocking chair with an ottoman because the two units work together to create a comfortable experience. Choose a glider rocking chair with an ottoman that will fit the overall aesthetic of the room in which it will be placed, and consider how that design will look to you in several years after common styles have changed. Choosing a wooden glider is a pretty safe choice, as wood tends to stay in style over the long term, but when choosing upholstered chairs, be sure to choose a style that will not appear gaudy to you in a few years. This can be a difficult thing to predict, but generally speaking, loud patterns or outlandish designs tend to go out of style quickly.

Doctor with a baby
Doctor with a baby

Quality and price are not always tied together; in other words, an expensive chair is not always the most well-constructed chair. Be sure to sit in the chair for several minutes, gliding back and forth to check for squeaks, excess movement, creaking, or other sounds and motions that are out of the ordinary. These can be indicative of a structural problem with the chair, though you can expect to hear such sounds and feel such movement if you are considering a vintage or antique glider rocking chair with an ottoman. Keep in mind that sounds like these on an antique may mean the chair may need to be refurbished, which can add to the cost. If these sounds or excess play are present on a new model, the chair is probably not constructed well.

Make sure the chair and ottoman work together well. The ottoman should be the proper height to maximize comfort when used in conjunction with the chair. The upholstery on the ottoman should match that of the chair, or at least be complementary.

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Great article on Nursery glider rocking chairs. I agree that the best and most effective option is to purchase a glider rocking chair and ottoman together as a set as a new parent will get a lot of use from both.

It is important to have a comfortable resting place for your feet while nursing your baby or reading a story in your glider. Today there are so many unique styles.

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    • Doctor with a baby
      Doctor with a baby