How Do I Choose the Best Glass Toaster?

Emily Espinoza
Emily Espinoza

To choose the best glass toaster, you need to consider the style of toaster you want, how big you want it to be, and if you would like for it to have any additional features. Glass toasters all have a glass component in common, but come in a variety of styles that incorporate the glass in different ways. Another important consideration when picking your glass toaster is what size you need, both for the space where you will be putting it and for how you would like to use it. As a final consideration, you may find some glass toasters that have additional features, such as special controls or cooking settings.

Glass toasters are sold as traditional, upright style toasters and, sometimes, as toaster ovens. If you choose an upright toaster that is made for toasting slices of bread, the glass component can be incorporated in one of two ways. The glass panels can simply be attached to side of a metal toaster, giving it a modern, decorative look. In another type, however, the sides of the toaster are actually glass panels and allow you to watch your bread as it browns. In addition to being a novelty, this see-through feature is desirable if you like to be able to control exactly how brown your toast becomes.

A glass toaster oven is wider and can accommodate frozen dishes and trays of food in addition to bread. Some of these toaster ovens have a glass door only on the front, but some have a glass top as well, allowing you to easily see your food as it is cooking. This type of glass toaster is the right choice for you if you would like to have a toasting appliance that can also cook other small portions of food.

Once you have chosen between an upright toaster and a toaster oven, consider size. Think about where you are going to store your toaster, how many people will want to use it at one time, and what kinds of food you want to cook in it to help you choose the right size. The size of an upright glass toaster is generally determined by how many slices of bread it can accommodate. Two, four, or six slice sizes are the most common. Glass toaster ovens will vary by width, height and depth. Some may have an additional rack or warming tray, which will affect what you can cook in it.

Some glass toasters offer additional features that you may find desirable. For example, a toaster oven may come with a convection or broiler feature that will give you more cooking options. Look at the controls on any toaster you are considering to be sure that it has all of the setting options that you want and that they are user friendly.

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