How Do I Choose the Best Girls' Niqab?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
Most niqabs are designed for women.
Most niqabs are designed for women.

When you are choosing a girls' niqab, your considerations should be to select a face veil that provides adequate coverage while also remaining comfortable. It is likewise important to find a girls' niqab that fits properly, as many niqabs are sized for women. If possible, take the girl to an Islamic clothing store so that she can try on the veils herself. In situations where you are unable to visit an Islamic clothing store, confer with online or mail order clothing sources and ask about the size of their niqabs before making a purchase.

There are several different styles of niqab on the market, so when choosing a girls' niqab, you may want to consider the styles worn in the community where the girl lives. Some niqabs cover only the bottom half of the face, while others cover the entire face, having only slits or gaps for eyes. In addition, these veils may also come with attached sheer veils for covering the eyes. The decision regarding the amount of coverage that a girls' niqab should offer needs to be made by the girl and her family in response to community standards and personal preferences.

Other variations in a girls' niqab may be its color, the material of which it is made and the ease of lifting the niqab or eye veils when necessary for better visibility or for eating. Many women appreciate niqabs made from fabrics that allow some air circulation, making them more comfortable and easier to breathe through. Girls who like to match their niqabs to their hijabs and other clothing may also want several niqabs in different colors to coordinate with other clothing.

Since many Muslim communities do not require girls under the age of puberty to wear concealing clothing, you may find it difficult to find a girls' niqab that fits a young child or pre-teenager. Options for obtaining an appropriate garment may include having one custom made or searching for a merchant who sells niqabs suitable for the very young. When contacting retailers about the possibility of purchasing a girls' niqab, ask if the proprietor can give you the actual measurements of the niqabs that he or she has in stock. Alternatively, you can request that a traditional store owner or online retailer special order a girls' niqab for you. Many will be happy to do this, though you may need to order several at a time to justify the cost of shipping and the extra time required to make a special order.

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@pleonasm - I was an assistant in a class once where one of the girls was Muslim and her parents dressed her with a head covering every day (although not a niqab). As the months wore on the girl became less and less concerned with keeping her scarf on and would often forget it. She was surrounded by other little girls who did not wear head coverings and I think she just wanted to blend in.


@KoiwiGal - There are some formal occasions when a family might want their daughters to wear the niqab, even if they don't on casual occasions.

It has also become a point of pride for some people and I have definitely heard of girls who wanted to wear it in order to express their religious beliefs, even against the wishes of their parents in some cases.

With younger girls it's especially important to make sure it fits properly, since it can be dangerous if it doesn't, especially in an area where there are hazards around like traffic.


I think it's important to really be clear about why you want to cover up a girl who has not yet hit puberty. I've seen stories of people who have covered up even infant girls, where the differences between male and female don't exist to the casual observer.

It might seem like a matter of protection for the girl, but too much protection can stunt the growth of children. If any man is so despicable as to be interested in pre-teen girls, then, unfortunately, a niqab will not dissuade him.

Children should be allowed to be children, without the burden of adult fears. And a girl can't be expected to grow up healthy if she is not allowed to act like a child when she is one.

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    • Most niqabs are designed for women.
      By: Jeanette Dietl
      Most niqabs are designed for women.