How Do I Choose the Best Gel Nail Courses?

Nicky Sutton

To choose gel nail courses, decide whether you prefer distance learning or visiting a local beauty college to complete your studies. Research gel nail courses online by comparing the qualification awarded and the course materials provided. Examine the course content and structure, and ensure that it covers a range of background and supporting topics.

A woman with gel nails.
A woman with gel nails.

The best gel nail courses are affordable and contain all of the course materials you need. Compare the prices of gel nail courses, the course materials and tools, the learning content and the validity of the qualification that you will receive. Find out if it is an industry recognized qualification. Choosing a respected and well-known study institution adds credibility to the qualification.

Gel nails curing under a UV light.
Gel nails curing under a UV light.

Courses should cover a wide range of background areas in addition to the basics. You should learn about topics such as skin physiology, nail anatomy, nail diseases, and healthy nail growth. Manicure and pedicure methods are an important part of the course, as well as the basics of customer service, business management and marketing. These will help you to run your gel nail business if that is your intent.

Expect comprehensive training on the gel nail system itself, such as the use of equipment, nail attachment and removal, nail customization and preparation. Safety and hygiene training are also important because they reflects professionalism and good practice. Your customers will seek a gel nail beauty practitioner who is accomplished at beautiful nail art. Nail art therefore, should be a complete module within the course.

The course should provide a comprehensive and complete nail kit, including items such as glue, primer, sanitizer and nail tips. Tools must be provided such as nail cutters, brushes, files, dishes and buffers. The provision of a UV lamp for setting and curing nails is essential.

Gel nail courses sometimes provide a plastic practice hand as part of the study materials. Its purpose is to practice upon, complete a set of nails and send it back to the study institution for grading. Find out if a written or online test is part of the course, as this may contribute to its validity.

Distance learning institutions, as well as local brick and mortar colleges, provide gel nail courses. Decide which you prefer. If you choose distance learning, you should receive a CD, DVD, written text or a combination of these, containing course modules. The best gel nail courses provided via distance learning have a comprehensive website with additional learning resources, for example, printouts on nail customization and art. Look for gel nail courses with access to a tutor, via e-mail.

If you prefer to visit a college with a beauty department for your training, you may pay more and be tied to lesson times. You will however, benefit from one to one help from a tutor. Face to face discussion and practice with classmates is also an advantage.

A gel nail course might include instruction on how to use tools like steel nail files.
A gel nail course might include instruction on how to use tools like steel nail files.

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