How do I Choose the Best Garden Tool Organizer?

Anna B. Smith

The best garden tool organizer is made from a weather resistant material and is designed to hold multiple items securely for quick and easy access. Storage may be required in outbuildings as well as in attached home garages, and should not crack or rust when exposed to harsh elements. These units can be multi-purpose, serving the needs of a diverse range of projects, or single purpose, and store only one type or shape of tool. Organizers equipped with wheels are often very efficient as they allow for easy access to all sides of the unit, and can be moved quickly for cleaning purposes.

An organizer can help keep garden tool out of the way in a garage.
An organizer can help keep garden tool out of the way in a garage.

A multi-purpose garden tool organizer needs to address the many different types of implements necessary to properly care for a home. This type of organizer is large and often consumes one entire wall of a landscaping shed or garage. It should provide slots for long handled gardening tools, small spaces for handheld items, like trimming shears, and brackets for storing spooled cords and hoses. Smaller organizing units tend to only address one type of item and require the installation of multiple devices that have been mix-matched together to adequately meet the needs of the many tools a homeowner requires while performing routine repairs. Such wall clutter can be eliminated by purchasing one central organizer with variously sized slots, hooks, and drawers that accommodate items of different sizes.

Smaller tools that will be permanently stored in a shed and be hung from a pegboard.
Smaller tools that will be permanently stored in a shed and be hung from a pegboard.

Homes with extensive lawns and gardens may prefer to purchase individual units to address their many outdoor tool needs. Organizing units can be stored in greenhouses, landscaping sheds, and other outbuildings designed specifically to house those items. The garden tool organizer placed in this type of setting should be made from a durable type of material that can withstand extreme temperature differences and some slight weathering, as not all outbuildings are designed to be as weatherproof as a home or attached garage. Heavy duty plastics, metal encased in rubber or some other type of non-permeable coating, and treated wood are common choices for these organizers.

Homeowners may wish to reserve using plastic in only their wall-attached garden tool organizers, and choose heavier materials for their upright and spooled tools. Plastic, while lightweight and durable, tends to tip when overfilled with heavy items, like metal shovels, looped hoses, cords, rakes, and garden hoes. When used as a storage device for these tools, plastic organizers often tip, dumping tools back onto the floor, and defeating the purpose of organizing.

A garden tool organizer used for long handled tools, such as rakes and shovels, is also easier to manage when equipped with wheels. These storage devices are typically square or rectangular in shape and feature multiple slot holes for standing tools together upright. Dirt and debris can accumulate quickly around tools that are used frequently moving dirt, fertilizer, and mulch in the yard and in the garden. It is easier to clean around and beneath these large organizers by rolling them out of the way instead of attempting to move them when heavy and full of tools, or to remove all of the tools before cleaning. Wheels also make this type of stand easy to turn around so that tools stored in the back racks can be accessed easily.

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@spotiche5- Home improvement or garden supply stores carry inexpensive storage bins for the purpose of storing rakes, brooms, shovels, and hoes. They are usually made of plastic, and are waterproof and durable.


@spotiche5- A trash can will work fine for what you want to accomplish. For garden tools with long handles like shovels, rakes, and hoes, all you really need is a tall receptacle to put them in. A metal or plastic trash can will provide the space you need to keep your tools neatly organized.


Does anyone have a tip for a good organizer for long-handled tools for people on a budget? I just want to keep my tools in order, and don't have a lot of money to spend on a special garden tool organization unit.


Though they aren't waterproof, I like to use baskets for garden tool storage. They are easy to carry, and they look great in a garden shed or utility room. Baskets can also be found at low prices, so replacing them when they wear out is not a big deal.

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