How Do I Choose the Best Garage Hoist?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

When you want to choose the best garage hoist, you must consider two very important factors: how high will you be able to lift the hoist and how much weight will you be lifting. Typically, roof height is the limiting factor when installing a garage hoist since most garages are not designed to accommodate a hoist. The lifting capacity is your next focal point when attempting to choose the best garage hoist for your needs. The type of vehicle you are planning to place on the hoist will determine the desired lifting capacity, although you should plan to slightly exceed your needs to allow for future vehicle changes.

Installing a garage hoist is a very straightforward process, with the most difficult step commonly being the placement of the concrete anchor bolts. A hammer drill will aid in the drilling of the long concrete anchor bolt holes, however, the process is still very strenuous for many people. You may elect to pay the extra money to have the garage hoist dealer install the hoist for you. This handy option should also be considered when comparing hoist types, brands and dealers. Half of the package when buying a garage hoist is the service after the sale by the dealer.

There are several garage hoist types on the market to choose from, and typically the manner in which the hoist actually lifts a vehicle is the deciding factor in the purchase or passing of a particular model of hoist. A four-post design is typically less expensive, but can cause problems when attempting to work on a vehicle's suspension. The four-post model uses a platform that lifts the vehicle by the tires, unlike other models that raise the vehicle by the chassis or suspension. One of the most common home hoist styles is the two-post design. When considering this type of hoist, you must know your height limitations as this hoist utilizes a full frame assembly that links the two lifting posts at the top.

When considering a hoist purchase, you may wish to select a hoist that features an emergency lock; this feature prevents the hoist from coming down unexpectedly by locking the lifting mechanism in place when it is raised. The lock can only be released by the user, making this feature a good option for home hoist users. Several garage hoist manufacturers have optional features that can be added to the hoist to allow a variety of different vehicles to be placed on the hoist. You may decide that the added benefit of being able to place your lawnmower or motorcycle on the hoist is a benefit you would like.

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