How Do I Choose the Best Frozen Greek Yogurt?

Brandon May
Brandon May
A bowl of Greek yogurt.
A bowl of Greek yogurt.

When choosing a frozen Greek yogurt, it is important to first consider any dietary needs or restrictions that must be met before consuming the dessert. If it is important to limit or avoid sugar, choosing a strained Greek frozen yogurt without added sugar or with sugar substitutes may be a healthful option. Finding a frozen Greek yogurt without a heavy amount of fat may be important if trying to manage calorie intake. For taste and texture, finding a natural Greek frozen yogurt without any flavorings may be useful if using the yogurt as a substitute for ice cream in recipes like banana splits or fried ice cream.

Frozen Greek yogurt is made from Greek yogurt, which is basically plain yogurt strained to remove the liquid whey. The thick texture of the yogurt makes the yogurt rich and creamy, even if the yogurt is made from low-fat or fat-free milks. Many individuals seeking a low-fat alternative to frozen yogurt or ice cream may find Greek yogurt appealing due to its rich texture, despite being lower in fat and calories. If dieting or watching caloric intake, sticking to frozen Greek yogurt made with fat-free milk may be the best option, without having to sacrifice taste or texture.

If other dietary choices need to be made, such as limiting sugar in the diet, then choosing a Greek frozen yogurt without added sugar may be important. Finding one that contains sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols may be an option for those seeking to avoid blood sugar imbalances. Since Greek yogurt is high in protein, it is helpful in aiding blood sugar levels on its own; however, it should be noted that some frozen yogurts contain a high percentage of calories from pure sugar. Making Greek frozen yogurt at home, with sugar alternatives, may be an option when seeking a sugar-free frozen yogurt.

When attempting to use frozen Greek yogurt in a dessert recipe, such as a banana split or to substitute for fried ice cream, it is best to find a neutral flavor of yogurt. Pure vanilla frozen yogurt often works best in dessert recipes, as does homemade frozen yogurt without any added flavorings. Commercial Greek frozen yogurts may contain thickeners or stabilizers to help enhance texture. Since these ingredients can pose difficulty for some digestive systems, avoiding these yogurts may be wise if dealing with digestive issues.

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    • A bowl of Greek yogurt.
      A bowl of Greek yogurt.