How Do I Choose the Best Front Yard Design Plans?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Brick pavers are often used in landscape design.
Brick pavers are often used in landscape design.

The best way to get started in choosing the best front yard design plans is to examine your home from the curb. Try to analyze which added yard features could give house great curb appeal. You should consider your budget, preferences, home style, maintenance needs and location to help you select an attractive design. It's typically much more appealing to pick a front yard design that is simple rather than one that is overdone.

Simple front yard designs do not overwhelm the home.
Simple front yard designs do not overwhelm the home.

For instance, if your house has too many plants and trees in front of it or an over abundance of accessories such as benches or water fountains, it may easily be too much for the eye to take in at once. A good front yard layout should be both attractive and effortless to look at. The result of too much going on can create a front yard design that appears as if it's unfocused or trying too hard rather than one that showcases the house. Standing in front of your home and getting a feel of your house as well as your street is likely to help you get some design ideas for the yard. The next important step is to narrow those options down to the best front yard design plans rather than trying to use every idea.

Decide on the best landscaping styles for your yard. Even something as simple as a tree on one side of a walkway to your front door and a flower bed on the other can make for an appealing design. Consulting with a landscaping service about the trees, plants or flowers best suited to your location in terms of climate, soil and shade or sun amounts is a good idea. Once you narrow down the types of possible plants for your exterior, the landscaper can then help you discover the best front yard design plans in terms of planters or garden areas.

Remember to think of yard maintenance, such as being able to safely reach trees for pruning and fitting the lawn mower around rock gardens or other features. When you've chosen the best plants, trees and containers, picking the walkway materials can be easier and make for a coordinated yard look for maximum curb appeal. Think about whether a smooth concrete walkway and driveway would be best, or whether a paved cobblestone or brick look would add much needed style. With a simple tree, flowerbed and walkway design, shrub borders may add the finishing touch in these front yard design plans. Shorter shrubs could line your walkway, while taller ones may be ideal to run along your property line with neighboring houses.

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@spotiche5- If you don't feel comfortable designing your front yard without professional help, you should seek the advice of a landscape artist. Though it is helpful if you have some suggestions, that is not necessary. A professional landscaper will be able to analyze your front yard and give you some suggestions about what will look good and what will fit your budget.

If you have a limited budget, you can also ask for help from the staff at a nursery in your area. Many of these businesses offer free ideas about getting started on front yard landscaping design plans, especially when you plan to buy plants from them. If you do decide to hire a landscaper, nurseries often have landscapers on hand to do the job so you won't have to look far to find the services you will need.


I have been trying to design my front yard, but I am not sure what types of plants or landscaping I should include. Will a professional landscaper be able to help me start from scratch on this project?

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    • Brick pavers are often used in landscape design.
      By: Elenathewise
      Brick pavers are often used in landscape design.
    • Simple front yard designs do not overwhelm the home.
      By: Barbara Helgason
      Simple front yard designs do not overwhelm the home.