How do I Choose the Best Forearm Weights?

Matthew F.

Forearms weights are used to strengthen the muscles in the lower arm. Like with other muscles, forearm weights are used to enhance lifting movements. Weights that can be used for a forearm workout include dumbbells, swing weights, squeeze weights, and padded arm weights. Choosing the best forearm weights involves picking those that are the appropriate weight for your workout routine, and which allow you to focus on those muscles you want to strengthen.

Dumbbells are popular forearm weights.
Dumbbells are popular forearm weights.

Forearm exercises can be among the most elusive for the fitness conscious. While many workouts rely on lifts for the muscles in the the back and biceps, exercises that use forearm weights are much less common. Bigger forearms can be had from using the right forearm weights, however, as long as the right weights are used in the right way.

Dumbbells can be used for forearm workouts.
Dumbbells can be used for forearm workouts.

Regular dumbbells can be used as forearm weights. They are often popular with people who are seeking the heaviest and most natural type of workout. Dumbbells can be used to strengthen the forearms while performing different curls. Concentration curls and hammer curls can help strengthen the forearm along with the bicep. Isolated forearm exercises, like the wrist curl, allow the rest of the arm and body to remain stationary as the weights are lifted using only the wrists and forearms.

More specialized forearm weights include swing weights and squeeze weights. These weights allow a person to engage the forearm without working the other muscles. They also allow someone to work the forearms in more varied ways than dumbbells. Swing weights are attached to loose and sturdy cables; the person swings the weight with the arms and forearms to work the muscles in a cardiovascular way. Squeeze weights are similar to stress relief handles, and are squeezed with the fingers, working the muscles in the hand and forearm.

Another practical type of forearm weight is the padded arm weight, which can be strapped around the wrist or the upper part of the forearm. These weights, like ankle weights, allow a person to workout his forearms in the normal course of physical activity. They can also be wrapped around the arms in different increments of weight while the person performs a workout geared towards the forearms. With the wraps on, the forearm weights make the general motion more difficult and should be used for those looking for an enhanced workout.

Improper use of forearm weights may result in lower back pain.
Improper use of forearm weights may result in lower back pain.

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